Lich King 25-man strategy guide

One of my favourite strategy bloggers, NER, has now done her Lich King strat. As usual, it’s written with the attention to detail that a raid leader needs.

For example, on Defile and how to learn it. NER says everyone needs to have the Lich King as their focus, and must have the focus’ target shown in their UI. Here’s an extract from the strat guide.

Defile has a 1.5s cast time (this is important) and when cast will drop a big black blob of badness on the ground centred around the person targetted.  Defile is on a slightly longer timer than the val’kyrs, but not a lot longer.

Before the fight, practise this:
Get someone to be LK.  Have everyone focus that person.  Get everyone stacked in the val’kyr position like they were DPSing the LK.  Look at the lineup. make sure everyone is stacked up tight, and that hunters are in line with the shortest path to an edge.  Get that LK person to cast a 1.5s spell on someone.  The person being targetted needs to run TOWARD the stairs/iceblocked idiot and every single other person in the raid needs to run toward the lift in the opposite direction.

Repeat this until everyone in the raid can do it.  If you get targetted, run toward the iceblock, if you are not targetted, run away.  Make sure everyone understands that you have to move.  If you don’t move, chances are you will wipe the raid.  I don’t know about you, but I know that we are no high end elitist guild who can rely on the person with defile to get it right every single time without fail.

Ok so got that under control?  Excellent.

Here’s the link again to Non-Elitist Raider full 25-man LK strategy.

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1 comment to Lich King 25-man strategy guide

  • PhantomBuddha

    That is by far the most concise description of how to deal with those two insane mechanics that I have come across yet. Thanks for that reference post; we’ll be trying that placement control strat for valksnatch and defiles tonight on our 10man.
    And yet another relevant blogger going into my list!  Thanks!

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