Lich King transition phases

To recap: the Lich King fight has three phases where you are in the centre, and between each of them are transition phases when you move to the edge.

Moving between the phases also requires a strategy

Each time you are in the center he gains a new ability or two like [spell]Soul Reaper[/spell] whilst other abilities remain, like Infest. On the second edge-phase he spawns more raging spirits than the first time.

The clever design feature here is that you build up your learning of the fight in layers, which each subsequent phase adding a new feature to learn. You need to know each phase itself in center and edge, plus learn how to move between those phases.

Players need to learn each center phase with the King in its own right, then how to move between it and the edge for the next phase, and back again. Usually a spawn mob will come with you between center and edge phases. You then need to handle the edge phase itself plus kill off the adds who came with you from the previous phase.

I point this out because the raid leader should explain that the fight requires players to learn what to do in each phase and between them (using whatever language you want, numbered phases or edge or center, or whatever, as long as everyone knows what it actually refers to).

Moving from edge to center with a Raging Spirit

Currently my guild is onto the second center phase, often referred to as phase 2, when he has Soul Reaper and Defile for the first time. I’ll refer to its preceding transition phase as 1.5.

One of the simple things we had to work out last night was how to transition from the first edge back into the center whilst you have a Raging Spirit alive. Most guides will say “you will have one up” but do not give specific advice on the easiest path to move between locations. I don’t really know either, but wanted to discuss it.

Here’s a shot with some paths from Lich King last night. I was off-tanking, so often had a Shambler when we moved into phase 1.5, which we handle well now. Movement from phase 1 to 1.5 is that I take my Shambler to the position in screenshot, near icy pillar. They die, I get dispelled, then I move along a path marked in orange at the outside edge to the middle (pink dot) where the main tank has already picked up the first Raging Spirit.

Now once Asshat begins to cast Quake, indicating the shelf is going to collapse and we need to run into the center for phase 2, I will have one or two Spirits. If two, the second one’s nearly dead already. The catch is their directional shockwave which hurts and silences. We settled on this movement strategy between phase 1.5 and 2:

  • Main tank runs to get Asshat over near the iceblocked Tirion
  • DPS and healers, having prior been spread out along the green curve, then path in the direction of the green line to their phase 2 spot
  • As offtank, I paused right on the edge (hoping a Spirit might noob itself and fall off) and also allowing time for others to get at some distance from me
  • Then I backpedalled the Spirit/s along the pink path, so their cone would not silence a healer or deep
  • I end up in the middle, Spirit facing away, but I’m near the MT for Soul Reaper.


Is there an “I win” strategy for this movement between phases? Any other tips?

I’d like a single conversation on this, so answers into the forum thread. If you’re not registered yet for the forums, it’s really easy and fast, doesn’t require email activation plus includes a fun mini-game to prove you’re a human.

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