Cataclysm raid tiers

This is a guest blog from [armory loc="eu,Bloodfeather"]Wake[/armory], a DK tank in Aspire: world ranked 133 guild (EU 75th). He posted some speculation and thoughts on Cataclysm raids here in the pwnwear forums.

Which raid model will be used for Cataclysm, which one is better/worse and what are the advantages/disadvantages of the different options?

We know the following is true for Cataclysm:

  • Each tier will have several smaller raids instead of a single large one.
  • Raid Lockouts will be shared between 10 and 25-player mode.
  • 10 and 25-player mode will have equal difficulty and rewards (somewhat).
  • Raids will be gated.
  • Raid bosses will posses a certain number of offensive/defensive stats (increasing for each tier) which can be reduced through hit/avoidance etc.

Now, looking back at the past expansions and how raids and the rewards were handled, we can see there’s been some significant changes over the years.

For instance, raids no longer require attunements, so the only obstacle for Cataclysm will be the gating system and, of course, the difficulty of each individual boss. So, depending on the actual difficulty of each encounter, the gates will affect guilds of different levels in different magnitudes, keeping the progression gap between guilds much smaller.
Guilds will also be less limited by their gear as, most likely, guilds will never be able to progress past their capacity in terms of gear stats.
Gear is also available in far greater quantities than before (through Emblem vendors, crafted items and so on).

Taking a quick look at how the raiding content was built and released in the previous expansions (which I found quite interesting to compile)…

to keep reading the rest of his post, click here for the list, analysis and conclusions.

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