Elitist Armory

There is a new gear-analysis website, Elitist Armory. It is from Shadowed, who developed the Elitist Group addon, and uses the same logic. (It’s the intelligent alternative to gearscore.)

The site lets you analyse gear (helpful in a PUG, for example), or apply those tests to an entire guild or realm. You can find the DK tank with highest average ilevel, check the appropriateness of gear/talents/enchants across your guild, and more.

I am supporting the site by donating CPU and bandwidth for the armory lookups. We have a forum thread on this topic.

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7 comments to Elitist Armory

  • Wake

    “best geared DK tank”
    Can’t really say I agree on that.
    Corpse Tongue Coin, Royal Crimson Cloak, Sigil of the Bone Gryphon. Looks more like item level whoring from here.

  • Aiun

    Has anyone ever actually been able to trawl through the official forums for some kind of response from the devs as to why there are so many dodgy high ilevel sigils and trinkets that are functionally inferior to lower level items?
    The proof is in the pudding.  Our 25 gets corpse tongue coin for the first time and all three tanks sort of shuffle their feet and look at each other uncomfortably before eventually deciding, “Well, uh… I GUESS we should roll on it… Maybe play around with it, see how it… hm. Actually, nah.  Hm.  None of us tanks can DE.  Uhm. Anyone want for offspec?”  25 raiders of silence.  “Anyone? Uh. Shard it I guess? Yeah, shard it.”

  • BigFire

    Corpse Tongue Coin is a terrible tanking trinket for the most part. It has very very limited situational use.

  • Evilcabell

    Avoidance trinkets in general have always seemed a little (*resists urge to say “dodgey”*) weird to me.
    As to sigils though, Blizz in general seems to be moving toward the idea of tanks (and maybe dps too) having something similar to a soft enrage. You can see this in some of the ideas for cataclysm and the frost emblem sigils— a lot of stacking effects. I picked up the dps trinket (3 obliterates/deathstrikes = 219ish strength) for my tanking set because 1) dodge is dead to me with the debuff, 2) I wanted something new that would make my gs look that much more angry and red and 3) I figured the strength would help threat and (barely) boost my parry. All in all, it’s been interesting trying to coordinate with the full stacked strength boost in terms of how it affects my overall threat—but then again I enjoy having all the little procs; I know plenty of tanks who prefer a less conscious experience to threat management.
    (I have no illusions that the frost emblem is somehow superior to the triumph emblem. 19 strength is not that big of a deal. It works really well for single target tanking since i’m hitting obliterate/deathstrike as many times as I can. I have no idea how the dodge trinkets stack.)

  • Rhidach
    Twitter: Rhidach

    I love Elitist Armory. I’ve been using it to vet applicants for a few weeks now, gives me a good snapshot view of their gear, gemming, enchanting, experience, etc. Identifies any problems right off the bat that I could never get from just looking at their Gearscore (not that I would seriously use that as a metric).

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