Some projections on L85 stamina

MMO-Champion has leaked substantial information from the Alpha client.

Two caught my eye as they relate to stamina. Tooltips work below.

Skill Now Cataclysm Alpha
Mining toughness 60 stam 121 stam
Enchanting ring stamina 30 stam 75 stam

We just need to know if all items will scale up by the same factor. Possible scenarios:

  • It might be that tradeskills have had a disproportionate buff relative other items like stamina gems
  • Or, it might be that all stamina items will double, including gems and equipment.

So will we have 120K hp in T11 gear?

This is so exciting! Join the chat in our forum thread or here.

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5 comments to Some projections on L85 stamina

  • So currently mining and enchanting both offer +60 stamina, and in Cata mining will add 121 stamina, but enchanting will add 150?

    Sounds a bit unbalanced to me. Falling skies!

  • Sazh

    Saw this little leak yesterday linked from the Maintankadin forums:
    For those of you who don’t want to click, it’s a screenshot in Blackrock Caverns, pointing to a blue quality cloak someone is wearing. It reads:
    Blackrock Caverns Boss 2 Loot Tank Cloak
    500 Armor
    +65 Strength
    +1357 Stamina
    Requires Level 78
    Item Level 279
    Equip: Improves hit rating by 53.
    Equip: Increases your mastery rating by 90.
    Sell Price: 6g 4s 85c
    Well, if it was +1356 stamina, I guess we could say it’s just a typo for +135. But it says +1357…

  • [...] stamina each (following the formula of epic gems being about half the stamina of the prof. bonus)? Gravity thinks this means we’ll see tanks in T11 with 120k hp. [...]

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