Ulduar 10 in a pug tonight

I just came out of an Ulduar 10 PUG. When I noticed it on trade chat, LF1M healer, I thought that’d be fun (and no waiting, since [armory]Hammersmyth[/armory] was the last slot required).

Before that I’d just been passing time. In fact, just doing that alone is worth comment. I thought “hmm what should I do tonight, I’ve a few hours free”. I did the random daily of course, then actually sat and stared at the screen for a while. I wasn’t bored, but I had to think about what to do next, because I don’t have many goals which I can achieve outside of my guild raid.

I wonder how much lethargy has set in across the board, because if I’ve begun to feel it, there must be an epidemic of it amongst those with shorter attention spans. Then again, I don’t play any other games at all, (that blog post is still true of me) so maybe others are passing time on some other world (Allods Online maybe? I haven’t played it for ages)

I have enjoyed a lot of geeking out learning phpbb3 and improving the forum capabilities. Was doing that tweaking before, still am.

So I zone into Ulduar after deciding to get more badges and achievements (of any sort) for my beloved old druid. He was my second character ever created on WoW.

Not long into the raid, we discover someone has turned on hard-mode for Leviathan. Since a few people couldn’t work out how to load pyrite, we pretty much had no chance. After wiping, we drove around to kill the portals. Four people hadn’t been in there before, a few hadn’t done many different vehicle roles, and so on.

I whispered the guy who’d invited me, “I did not plan to spend my evening training people in Ulduar”. He was polite enough to say sorry, but perhaps I’d have not even zoned in if I’d known it was a noob group. ElitistArmory or its equivalent addon could have told me a lot if I’d used it, but who does that for a PUG of 10 people?

Then XT. We had no ranged dps, so the adds were tough. I asked the ret pally to kill adds as priority, and then the MT started to take leadership and brief people. I enjoyed not having to do it myself.

Actually, that was a lot better than a failed ToC-10 pug that couldn’t get past the two worms earlier today. Disaster. That’s a fight you can’t fake. There’s too many ways to fail on Northrend Beasts.

XT died, then Razorscale too (surprised me).

I was reminded of why I don’t really enjoy PUG raids. There are still many people who don’t know Ulduar or ToC, and of course haven’t read about them (probably fair enough, there are loads of bosses when you add up Ulduar and ToC, be hard to remember them all in a useful way if you’d never seen them in person).

I like leadership, and I’m happy to take it on, but not when I’m a bit tired, not when I want the night off to just relax a bit.

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12 comments to Ulduar 10 in a pug tonight

  • PhantomBuddha

    You’ve summed up pretty nicely half of the reason I don’t do pugs for anything taking longer than 10 minutes…basically VOA and the Weekly anymore.  The newb factor is fine, I absolutely love teaching people….sometimes.  The other half of the equation are the 6k+gs dbags who enjoy being carried through content with no effort of their own.  Mages/warlocks/rogues in ICC25 hardmode gear being out-dpsed by the tanks just turns into /brainhurt.
    Kudos for sticking that out as long as you did, I just can’t afford that kind of counterproductive time in game anymore; too much RL constraints on my time =/

  • Wake

    I couldn’t agree more on PUGs. I just don’t do them, even with the older tiers as so many have never even set foot in those raids before.(Something I QQed about in my cata raid model post)
    ElitistArmory is quite nice, but there’s no way to tell if the player you’re looking up is an alt of someone very experienced.
    Then again, I also know highly experienced and skilled players who can’t play their alts better than the next welfare scrub.

  • Zao

    Ah, the lethargy is something I’m currently experiencing too. I’ve literally spent an hour yesterday riding around in a circle in dalaran while skimming through /2.
    Best thing against that is getting a second monitor and watch AVGN or NC while farming or leveling an alt :)
    On the PuG topic: PuGs on Mannoroth are pretty decent luckly, or at least you can tell the good from the bad ones right away.
    I still enjoy lower geared groups with my alts (who are all in the 230 ilvl range) because that allows me to really test my skills when opposed to a totally overgeared group where everything runs perfectly.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    @phantombuddha: my wife’s away, so I had some time to myself when my kids were asleep. Otherwise, I’d not have the luxury either.

    I do wonder, is there any game design solution to lethargy? I think not.

  • Sazh

    I’m raiding Monday to Friday nights now, and I found that during weekends, I finish my daily chores and start browsing the web while thinking about what I’m going to do next. Last week I even logged out and took a nap. My latest alt is at level 72 and I really want to have him at 80, but just can’t gather myself up to log on to him.
    Guild runs aren’t much better if you don’t enforce your rules. Last week, our Raid Leader specifically asked everyone to install AVR+AVRe, this week, only 11 people had AVR installed (via version check). We gathered up in Putricide’s room, RL says everyone go install, pastes the link and instructions on how to install, and twenty minutes later, still only 13 people have it.
    PUGs aren’t necessarily all bad. I’ve had a few TOC10 pugs that really went very smoothly. Generally PUGs that have a significant number of people from the same guild seem to go smoothly.
    Otherwise I’d love going back to Ulduar and Naxx, pick up some achievements and otherwise just enjoy those encounters again.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      That’s really lame the guildies not installing it when instructed, how horrendously frustrating.

    • maitahl


      How has your guild liked AVR and AVRe? My healers and DPS seemed to like it a good amount.

      This week we had Lord Jaraxxus for our weekly so we got a 25 man toc run going. We had a couple of people that have not cleared toc before. It is interesting how some people new to wow miss all of the raiding the various tiers. A new toon can hit 80, run some heroics to get geared up enough to start raiding ICC 10. They miss all the previous tiers of raiding.

      I made a macro for Dreamwalker for our DPS to use that helps with kill priority. I made the macro based upon the same one I used in the Terestian Illhoof fight back in Karazhan.

  • Rob

    I’ve been playing for close to 5 years now, i got here just after BC release.  That said, there is still alot in the game to do.  I never do acheivements, i never do BGs or arena.  I play alts and raid, that’s about it, and make money.   I think its very natural to get bored, its pretty much the same damn game for 5 years.  Everyone i know has taken breaks, either completely or just for a few months.  Most people now are waiting for cataclysm, with the only challenge left is ICC.
    However, SO MANY people have skipped ulduar, skipped most of TOC, probably even skipped Naxx.  And there is no point to run those raids, esp on 10 man, because the gear is so bad.  (ilvl 200? lol).   And you have to know if you are doing those raids 90% of people have no clue what they are doing.  Maybe they are new to raids in general, or just non-ICC raids.
    I would love to get a group who actually cared to do Ulduar again, but I can’t find anyone.  I tried FL+4 and it was a joke, people had zero idea of how to do their roles (well except for the two people who actually did FL+4 before).  FL normal is now carried by one or two guys.  Ignis is now sat in the water and burned.   XT is also very simple.  Really all the fights have their mechanics completely thwarted because we overgear them so much.
    I do retroraids, and they are either completely trivial (everything in vanilla sans twin emps) or challenging (twin emps).   What I would love is for a scaling mechanism.  Go back and release another version of the old 40s with updated stats and loot tables.  Blizz has so much content they just poured down the drain because it was designed for a very static portion of the player base, and 90% of their raids are now obsolete.  I think the changes coming to cat would help a bit as far as the current expansion’s raids, but for me there is so much great content that is completely ignored.  It’s sad.

  • Kenshi

    I’m bored aswell. I only log on when to raid and that is 1 day max 2 days a week. We are at 9/12 atm and well we are clearing the heroic in 1 day. Life is /boring as we have a nice tank rotation. In my attendance time I’m lvling a resto druid that I’m going to reroll to in Cataclysm as I’m bored of DK beyond all possible boredom.

    The reason for a resto is just because I was a healer in Vanilla for a while ^^

    I tanked in WOTLK so I think the next step is healing. I’ve chosen a druid as There the ones that will get the tanking buff and such in cataclysm. I can be a healer at the same time as a tank so I don’t lose anything as I won’t dps ever again ^^

    So after my druid is max lvl it will be maxing its professions and the maybe lvl the gathering rogue and then hoping on cataclysm

  • Threestars of Uldaman

    I have been thinking about this lately, was a late comer to the Warcraft community, rolled a hunter well after BC was released and leveled very slowly.  Happened on a good 10man guild by chance (surprised they took me in hind sight) and with some pointing to the forums I quickly had that character squared away and tearing up Kara/ZA.  With Zul Aman on farm and WotLK months away we had a lot of people take some time off, 25mans didnt interest me much and I dont know if my computer at the time would have handled the graphics anyways =P
    Leveled a tankadin over the summer of 2008 and then puttered around waiting for WotLK.  Old guild got back together and once everyone hit 80 we proceeded to take control of Naxx10 and then Uld10.  Had a few people leave the server and recruiting for 10man strict proved challenging.  Leveled my priest banker to 80 and then started playing the AH more aggressively. Leveled a DK to 80
    That wall of text is just to come around to saying that this last week I was in the same position of not really knowing how to fill my time. During previous down cycles I always had stuff to catch up (level a tank class, level a healer class, develop a warchest), this is the first time since I have been playing that I forsee having 3+ months with no big projects.
    I dont really want to start another alt (at least before Cataclysm), sitting on 200K from the AH with enough mats to finish crafting 264 legs/boots for my alts (both specs).  Doing pugs on Uldaman is terrible, just not enough population and the ‘progression’ guilds are still working on hardmodes (5 guilds have killed LK25 and 3 guilds are at least 8/12 hardmodes)… so plenty of raiders with full schedules still.  Marrowgar was the weekly on the server, so no one wanted to pick up a pug that had already cleared him.  On my DK we cleared Marrowgar and Lady then failed spectacularly on Gunship because multiple people didnt admit they had never done it.  Then a big mouth healer (whose own trade channel pugs the previous 4 days had apparently not been successful enough to get him saved) bailed because the ‘dps was too low for DBS’.  We were stacked 2 ranged 4 melee and the only meters they would have had were marrorgar/lady/gunship which will all have low numbers for melee given the repositioning.
    I might try my hand at tanking/RL, or even put together the framework for a cataclysm 10man guild.  To be honest I dont know if I have the talents to make that happen, mostly because I think it would be tough to recruit a full roster of talent on my realm, and hard for me to kick people who suck.  That may be the challenge I am looking for though, would be fun to make a committed alt gearing group, 10-12 people who have at least 2 alts at cap that could use gear from ICC10, run lower and then do a chinese fire drill and start over again. just cram the first 4 bosses in 2-3 times in a single night =P

  • PhantomBuddha

    The key to overcoming Lethargy is incentivization.

    Once the pre-launch stuff for cataclysm launches, attendances will skyrocket, people will be out in droves to participate. Remember undead invasion before LK launched?

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      I loved that invasion. I just gave up on anything ‘productive’ and got on alts to spread the plague around Westfall or wherever the little guys were. It was so much fun. Got some great epics for my hunter too from the farming.
      @Kenshi: resto druid is a great choice, I love mine too, but am not so burnt out I’d swap it to my main. Kind of remarkable about wow: that you still love the game enough to keep playing it, just with a different character.
      @Threestars: nice rant. :) I too dislike it when people hide their lack of experience on an encounter which can wipe rookies.
      @Rob: my guild recently went to the effort on a late-night to re-clear Ulduar, a few guys from before I joined hadn’t got the Yogg achievement, so they’re planning on closing that out. I’d love to join at a time that suited me, I think it’s fantastic raid content.

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