Revisiting Blackrock, nostalgia

I spent so many, so very many hours, in Blackrock.

MMO-C have screenshots of the new 5-man instances including Blackwing Descent and Blackrock Caverns. Revisiting those zones, but new instances, is going to serious nostalgia and hopefully killing some more dragonkin.

I remember UBRS 10-man. Wiping to whelp failures. Laughing at the “least I got chicken” Leroy Jenkins video when it was first released. Hoping a hunter could kite properly, since we couldn’t tank all the guards around Drakk. Crowd-control, lots of it. (Actually we have a chat discussing the return of CC, it’s interesting to predict whether it will be popular or hated).

I remember trying to explain to people the corpse run, let alone the alive run, into frickin Molten Core / Blackwing Lair. Why was it such a long run? Please move the graveyard in Cataclysm.

I raiding on my druid and mage during that period. This was when female trolls were the only good looking choice for Horde, so that was my mage. I had named her Swallow until someone reported it. :) Then she was called Nibbly.

L71 now, and largely inactive, and renamed [armory loc="US,Dath'remar"]Glacial[/armory]. Ah, I loved being a frost mage in MC/BWL. Didn’t like fire really.

Ah, good memories, it’ll be nice to see Azeroth remade and go to those places yet see them, truly, for the first time, and explore these new 5-mans and raids. (Here’s the forum thread on new 5-mans and raids).

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4 comments to Revisiting Blackrock, nostalgia

  • Zao

    I wonder how many people an still do the MC jump from the bridge in Blackrock :)
    I also recall having to waiting 5 minutes for people who fell into the damn hole in Searing Gorge.
    PS: My main in Vanilla was also a female Troll Mage (called Zao obviously) and healing druid during tbc :D

  • Blackrock mountain was the pinnacle of achievement for me, back in the old days.
    I remembered flying over it every time I’d for from Stormwind to Ironforge (or vice-versa) and thinking “One day, I’m going to go there an wreck the place.
    I still occaisionally get the hairs on the back of my neck standing up, thinking about how unattainable end-game was back in November 2004.
    Coincidentally, I decided to try levelling my warrior through LFD (level 62-63).  I managed to pull Slave Pens twice, but the nostalgia flooded back.  Having been a Feral Tank in BC, I was sick-to-death of the Coilfang instances (wowhead Earthwaden, lol)!  But last night I was just happy.
    Wrath has become an absolute AoE and QQ fest, but the changes to cataclysm seem aimed squarely at bringing the good times back.
    Everyone start writing your “LF1M DPS/CC Heroics” macros; the good times are coming again.

  • cobaco

    Don’t know when it was added but I noticed a couple of weeks back that they already added a new gy just outside of blackrock mountain, on the burning steppes side, (needed to die to get the key quest for deep BRD from the ghost npc :)

  • PhantomBuddha

    UBRS still houses some of the pinacle moments of nostalgia for myself and my guildmates. Waaaay back when it was a 15man zone….running it as an 8man crew to get some of the most improbable kills….and the wipes on Drak were so tragic!

    A couple favorites were in the Beast room actually. Our first kill was on a full wipe….no one but a banana-shouldered paladin left to score the killing blow. A similar situation with a priest healer…kiting hard and SWPing for last half-percent.

    Good times, I can’t wait to be back!

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