Moments of WoW in pictures: Feb 2010

I have been wanting to do this for a while. Here are some of my moments from WoW captured in 16 screenshots, from January and February 2010.

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Millions of mammoths

I have no idea why, but hundreds of mammoths paraded on Jan 27th

Great guild name

I loved this guild name


Tanktotals addon shows the damage types that kill you

Lucky loot drops

Lucky drops for me in February, both items in one VoA run


The sad truth of gogogo at all levels

Onyxia killed

I love the achievement title, and how this image visually says "tank"


One place I found whilst doing Explorer, in Azshara, which I had never seen before

Onyxia killed

How I'd look as a goblin DK tank, thanks to a quest

Nostalgia fire

This bridge has nostalgia value for me, I used to cross in on my druid also on a kodo, five years ago, on route to BWL

Outland explorer achievement

I hadn't explored all of Outland until doing the achievement, since you skip most of it whilst levelling

Tankadin TPS

TPS on Marrowgar

From February, Tankadin TPS addon output for DK threat. Great tool.


First time I'd stared at Prof Putricide, Feb 11th

He didn't like DK tanks

Some retard in a pug

Night Elf hometown

I hadn't been into the Great Tree for five years, it was strange to zone in on my DK tank Tauren

Silithus, the Explorer

One screenshot I really did not want to miss, and my PC froze just as I accomplished The Explorer! :(

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