On looking for a new guild

As the pre-expansion malaise thickens, as some guilds fold after killing or failing to kill the Lich King, as summer for the northern hemisphere ruins raiding attendance and as the environment and economy continue to get screwed-over by humans, oh and as volcanic dust continues to interrupt European trade and tourism… people are beginning to look for a new guild.

I am not looking to change guild. In fact, I just told the guys of my commitment to my DK tank in Cataclysm and thereby to the guild.

Changing guilds however is on the mind of many people, even if Eyjafjallajokul is not.

A new forum member just told us his guild imploded, and I replied with some advice on where to search for guilds who are recruiting. Top of the list is still wowraid.com’s database-driven tool, but there are three others I’d not come across who are new entrants to the ‘guild recruitment for WoW’ micro-niche.

But how to write a good application? I referred to another thread where we answered that question. It has some very good answers from guild leaders from top guilds and thoughtful officers.

Lastly, I mentioned that my interviews here with top world guilds are important to read, since he aspired to join one of those lofty and high-ranked guilds, and he should be aware of those qualities they look for. There’s a great quote from Numen which I’ll repeat here.

“I tell them to show that you really want to join Numen. In every single possible way. I want you to show me as much as possible how you want to join. As if it was a job. Do the research needed. Get theory crafting done, read up about all the fights, get all the gear you possibly can. So you can show me you want to join. That’s what I say.”

What top guilds look for

In general, there are a few factors which consistently appear when I talk to top guild leaders or read from those on our forums:

  • situational awareness
  • user interface setup
  • keybindings
  • agile and adaptable, to handle plan B situations
  • reliable attendance
  • effort to be their best and present their best face to the recruiter
  • mandatory factors like 100% reliable ISP, fast PC to enable spell effects, no leet speak, optimised spec and gearing (within the limits of gear available to them) and personally I’d add account security as a factor.

Others have written about this recently too:

  • Veneretio talked about how a warrior can become their guild’s tank and has good advice on being awesome
  • Hots & Dots discussed prestige, and how do you identify yourself as being in top guild, along with some future-looking thoughts on Cataclysm
  • Brangwen at NER wrote about recruitment from the leaders’ perspective
  • Ironshield from Can tank, will travel, discussed the impact of Cataclysm and Summer on guilds
  • Spinks described the complexity of guild ranking systems in the first place.

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3 comments to On looking for a new guild

  • cspenn
    Twitter: cspenn

    On account security, our guild requires authenticators for any guild rank which has significant GB access. It’s super easy to demonstrate – just pull out your corehound pup.

  • Threestars of Uldaman

    I prefer 10-man strict and have started thinking about my plans for Cataclysm, which will likely include forming/joining a new guild.  After some success in Ulduar 10 (including hardmodes) we had a spell of attrition we werent able to recruit enough to overcome and I have been floating around in the pug wasteland on my server since.

    While we were still running a competitive 10-man strict team though, we had a fair amount of success based on some very tight recruiting parameters.  First and foremost we were looking for people that really enjoyed 10man (disliking 25mans wasnt required, but it was essential that recruits knew we were not starting a second 10man team and then expanding to 25man raiding).  Additionally we looked for people that planned on being available at least 1 of our 2 scheduled nights each week.  We also liked players that had at least one alt at level cap… it provided some flexibility in setting up raids, generally meant they play a fair amount during the week on ‘off nights’, and potentially know more than one role.  We only had 1 set progression night and based on interest added a farm night to set things up for the week. This allowed some alt gearing and we could clear to Keepers for instance midweek and then do our regular 4 hour progression piece on Saturday.

    Based on my experience with the release of WotLK, I will add that I will be considering the leveling expectations of the officers/raiders as we head towards Cataclysm.  A frustration for me in WotLK was how slow several guild members leveled, I had 2 characters to the new level cap and heroic geared before our small guild had 10 players ready to start Naxx (we didnt enter the zone until the second week of January and then cleared it 2 weeks later). This gave me a lot of downtime early in the expansion and also put us further behind the gearing curve (given we werent running 25man content either)… entering Uld10 we were at a distinct disadvantage.  I certainly dont expect anyone to take time off of work or pull all nighters to level, but in Cataclysm (assuming a similar ~75hour played for 81-85) I would like to be raiding 3-4 weeks after release with a full team.
    Coming to terms that my goals might require a server transfer as I dont think there are enough proven players on Uldaman that want 10man raiding on a short schedule (ideally 1-2 nights on the calendar, 4-6 hours total).

    • Es

      In regards to 10m strict on Uldaman, I’ve been in a similar boat, attempting to get it going on Horde side before finally settling into a guild called Fusion on the Alliance side.  We raid 3 nights a week for 2-3 hours per session, totaling 6-9 hours per week.  Only doing 10m content makes it hard to recruit, but hopefully Cataclysm helps this a bunch with the new uniform gear rewards.  I don’t know that we’ll be raiding that quickly after release, but I’d like to be working on the end game content pretty fast once the expansion gets here.  I’m just hoping this new system affords people like you and I the opportunity to do what we want :)

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