React and adapt: skills of a great raider

Wake has written a great post on the question: what makes a great raider? What differentiates them from an average raider? This question follows neatly from yesterday’s post about looking for a new guild. Wake is in a top 100 EU guild.

Here’s how it starts:

The ability to react and adapt.

All boss encounters rely on timed events coupled with some random elements.

For the most part you can rely on a specific strategy to handle each situation accordingly, but one of the factors that separates the average raider from the excellent raider is the ability to react and adapt.

Having the situational awareness – knowing where everyone is and what they’re doing.

If something unforeseen happens you should be able to act immediately.┬áTank dies?┬áHunter’s Distracting Shot may save the lives of several DPSers while the tank gets combat ressed. There are often many ways of evading raid wipes by using simple tricks when things go bad.

Read the rest of this post in the pwnwear forums.

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