Rune addons

Most of us will have a rune-watching addon of some kind, or be using whatever is built-in to your unitframes. Runes obviously are important to keep an eye on, along with diseases on the target.

So which of the many rune addons to use? There are a lot of them.

In the forums, Deph has compiled all the addons with a brief description and screenshot. He’s also classified whether they include disease watching, global cooldown, melee range and other factors.

This covers Magic Runes, Snowfall, recRunes, dkinfo runes, YARA, rune pack, guRunes, simple runes and Engraved. I am using the built-in rune system with Shadows Unit Frames.

Deph is in a top 2000 guild, having downed 11/12 hard-modes.

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