Gaming mice and keyboards

I’ve talked about keybinding in the past, which led to discussion on gaming mice and keyboards.

We have a thread discussing these awesome peripherals, and I thought lots of pictures would help make sense of them. I’m going to be upgrading my mouse and maybe keyboard too, soon.

So, look on down at these babies and read DK tank’s opinions on each in the thread.

Wolf King warrior:

Logitech G13:

Razer Naga:

X-Keys professional, ideal for multi-boxing:

RAZER DeathAdder, Black 5 Buttons:

RAZER Lycosa Black USB:

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8 comments to Gaming mice and keyboards

  • Melder
    Twitter: Cimegs5088

    I’m using Belkin N52te and im loving it. it’s better than G13 imo.

  • fung

    i love my fang gamepad
    i prefer this, the standalone pad instead of the attached-to-keyboard version because i game from my couch, and it’s nice needing only this little pad instead of a whole keyboard accross my lap. (great for laptops for the same reason)
    other plus’s include it being symmetric and therefore equally good for left-handed people, and fairly good software to map the keys on a per-game basis.

  • <3 my Razer Naga. No clue how I went the first four or so years playing with a plain old 2-button mouse.

  • Mysiana

    I’m with Consider on this… I recently upgraded to the Razr Naga mouse and it’s amazing.  It essentially puts your entire 1 through = buttons in reach of one  hand, leaving the left hand open for WASD and any F-keys you need.  It takes some getting used to, but they include little rubber stickies to make learning button positions easier.

  • HomelessJ

    Naga is an addiction.  I can no longer play WoW without it.  I am ruined…

  • Goodin10shuns

    Razor Naga ftw can’t imagine life without it anymore .. Naga is crack for keybinders … my hand goes thru withdrawals while away

  • itsthegrizzly

    I find the razor naga to be a little bit small for my hands which is the only down side to it . The steel series cata edition mouse is bigger and more comfortable for my bear paws

  • Razer

    If it’s not clear by now, I think this is a great product. I’ve been waiting for a mouse like this for 5 years and Razer has delivered!

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