My respec for Lich King off-tank

We’ve got Lich King tomorrow. I’ve just changed my spec to suit my role as off-tank.

I handle the dredge ghouls and shambler, then taunt for soul reaper, and try to get chains of ice onto the Valkyrie.

For that specific role, I’ve changed my spec slightly from what I was using to this.

The new features are:

  • 25 second death and decay, which makes picking up all the ghouls a guarantee on the final wave before first transition to the edge. At 30s cooldown, sometimes I could not pick them all up because I had to run off to the edge.
  • rune tap, glyphed. This might help with Infest. Our priest is also going to respec Disc, for the power of bubbles. He’s unfamiliar with that spec but there’s just so much benefit to bubbles, it’s worth the learning curve. They can largely prevent Infest being a problem. My rune tap should be redundant if his technique works out, but I can afford to spend a point and glyph on utility.
  • 3/3 black ice for AOE boost
  • improved range is for chains of ice. It might mean I don’t have to move so far, or at all, whilst possibly tanking Lich King, and still lay down chains on the Valk.

The frost spec already had improved icy talons (it’s very good for threat).

Plus with the 20% buff, I think we’ll make good progress regardless.

Why spec specifically for a fight?

We are focused on killing the Lich King. As a guild who only do progress raids once a week, we don’t get many hours on him. We spend a lot of time between raids talking about optimisation. Our priest (Ordia) is going to spec disc and we talked about ensuring his raid frames could display the bubble-debuff. I knew from last week that the 30s D&D caused a slight problem once or twice with loose ghouls, and I wanted to eliminate that problem.

Plus, this spec, when you overgear a 5-man, will work fine for dailies too. For a general purpose spec, there’s nothing wrong with it in an absolute sense. It’s not optimised for general-purpose tanking though, it’s singularly targetted on off-tanking the lich king.

Why not blood? The MT is either another DK, so he goes blood for that role since WotN is awesomeness, or a Warrior. I chose Frost since it compliments the blood DK plus has slowing effects.

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14 comments to My respec for Lich King off-tank

  • Gloom

    Quite agree Leo, on our 10 mans the primary slower is the Mage. We have 2 Paladins who sequentially stun and 2 DKs who CoI in case its the Mage who gets picked up. Having redundancies in an encounter as unpredictable and demanding as this is essential.

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