Lag blocked the Lich King

The Lich King. We were fairly close to killing him. I was travelling with work, in a hotel. I’d tested the ping from the room the previous day and on the day of the raid, and it was fine. The hotel internet was working reliably for 3.5 hours of the raid. Then in the final 30 minutes of the raid, the lag monster wtfpwned me. Like 2000 to 6000ms ping. It was heartbreaking. Unplayable. I couldn’t fix it.

We had swapped to single-tank on LK, and Ishkar (blood DK spec’d) was doing really well. I’d gone to Unholy because we had more magic dps than melee, and I wanted [spell]magic suppression[/spell] for soaking vile spirits in the final phase.

So we didn’t get the final few attempts in which may well have been the kill. I was so frustrated.

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5 comments to Lag blocked the Lich King

  • Gloom

    I feel for ya Grav,
    Had a similar kind of thing happen on heroic Lana’thel last night. It’s our first week on Hardmodes and we’ve downed 3 in hardmode, last nght we were so close to downing her multiple times. On the most critical attempts we had 2 go Linkdead/have latency issues on several occasions. Once it was my partner and I – the air was blue I can tell you.
    I tend not to mind so muchwhen it’s a game machanic that beats you, at least the raid can tighten their acts for that – but when it’s something totally beyond your control is so very frustrating. It makes it understandable why so many top-end guilds demand very stable connections from their members.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Indeed. If my connection had not presented as stable and reliable in the hotel for those previous tests, I’d have asked the third tank (who was online) to take my place. But… it was working fine. It was about 1145pm before it failed, and the rotated tank had logged off. We had no alternative replacement for me. Soooo bloody annoying.

  • rotnronnie

    That sucks, considering our guild firsts always seem to happen at 5 past midnight.

  • PhantomBuddha

    As a professional road warrior….I feel for you man. We’ve had nights where hotel wifi and broadband card presented me with superbad latency….and pooched the raid.

    I normally do the same thing, precheck the connection before raid time to see how it looks. I’ll have sub100ms ping at 5pm, only to see 900+, bleh. I blame late night hotel porn downloads.

    Stick it out man, you guys will get it!

  • gphreak
    Twitter: gphreak

    Hotel internet connections are a pain. In Chicago everything was great and I could play with some friends in off-times, but the following week in vegas it was awful. The connection threw me out of the game like every 5 minutes. Funny thing is: the one in chicago was free. Oh well. Good look next week!

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