Public service announcement on addiction: wowdetox

If you want to quit, or want to decide whether you should or not, if you are addicted, my friend provided a link to this site: wowdetox. I’m posting this here in case you are addicted in such a way that the game is ruining your life. The site is full of stories from people who have quit, want to quit, have lost their wife, or job, failed at Uni or simply had real-life achievements on hold for years.

Here are some quotes from it.

Today was my last day of wow.
I miss riding my bike. I miss fresh air. The strain on your muscles as your heart pumps endorphins through your body. Pupils dilating to the sun that I haven’t seen in forever.
My social life has taken a dive. I can’t even remember the last real conversation I’ve had. Not to say I haven’t talked to people. Technically speaking I have been in the same physical location as another person with both of us emitting sound waves in the form of words and sentences… but I was never there. Always somewhere else. I miss being there. I miss RL friends.
In three months I went from being in great shape, to being in pathetic shape. From hanging out with friends, to not even having someone to call or talk too. All that for a level 80 with a respectable GS and decent DPS. WTF

There are nearly 4000 pages at wowdetox.

I quit WOW for the first time a few months back, had to make the decision as it was completely taking over my life. all i would think about at work was my next Dungeon or piece of gear i would get. Eventually things went downhill with my girlfriend and even my friends as i would sit there and play WOW when they were with me and was totally ignorant towards them.

Today I got my result from my University, I was kicked due to my poor performcane in the last three semesters (when I started playing WoW).

After a few days of quitting wow completely, I don’t know really what to do with myself. I guess it’s similar to when a guy loses his job. Suddenly no purpose, and a lost, disorientated feeling. I keep coming back to the internet compulsively but there’s nothing to do on it and I’m determined not to find another computer-based way to fill my time. It’s not easy but the dazed, spaced out feeling has left me and I feel much more aware. I can hear and smell things again. I have so many pieces to pick up – I’ve got out of shape, unsociable, broke, unconfident. This game has set back my life, and I’m going to have to work just to get back to where I was years ago. But people recover from worse things than this. In many ways its an addiction as bad as any though. Just so pleased to be free now.

You can just keep reading. There are 49000 posts at wowdetox.

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2 comments to Public service announcement on addiction: wowdetox

  • Sazh

    You know, everytime I see an article about quitting WOW, I feel like I should quit, too. WOW really takes a lot of time. For me, it can be generalized to that “MMO games take a lot of time”.
    I still remember I failed a course in varsity because I spent too much time playing Final Fantasy VII (admittedly I hated the course, that may have something to do with it =D). Then on my first job, I had a lot of close calls with spending time on another MMO. During WOW, I’ve also often put off work to go raid, and then stay up the whole night catching up on work. In fact, from my current schedule, it looks like another all-nighter tonight after tonight’s scheduled raid.
    I know that even if I quit WOW, I’d be spending time on something else. It’s not WOW that’s addictive, it’s just personal weakness. I just need to get myself addicted to real life. It’s hard since I’ve long given up on real life, but that’s another story.
    At least with single-player games, I won’t be tied up with raiding schedules and feel that I have an obligation to play that game every day. Maybe I should go back to my PlayStation 3 instead of WOW.
    The more I think about it the more I want to go delete my characters now. Hey if I disappear from the forums, it’d be all you fault, Gravity, for posting this blog post. ;-) But I know I would thank you for that in a few years time—if I’m still alive by then.
    Anyways, cheers. Have fun in Cataclysm. I’m going to try and get addicted to something more constructive. Starting with deleting my characters and randomizing my account password.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      If you do quit, go cold turkey. Do not play at all. Replace your MMO addiction with something else you can be passionate about. Find a new hobby that involves real people or makes you money.

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