Finally, killed the Lich King

My guild, Axis of Dath’remar, a 10-man raiding guild of one night a week, tonight, finally killed the Lich King. I was so very happy about it.

Axis is made up of a former hardcore guys who’ve now got the balance right, like four-day a week raiders in previous expansions. I must say our raid leader Dakas is superb, and this makes a big difference. He’s constantly calling ‘defile coming, away from middle’, or the reverse, making the decision to burn after which Valkyrie before the final edge phase, and so on. Absolutely on the ball. (He was on his mage, Breha tonight.)

I was in my normal off-tank role (which, by the way, does not feel like the lesser tank position or less important) and was in a specialised Unholy spec for that job [spell]ebon plaguebringer[/spell]. I had one point completely in the wrong spot, which was bugging me, and two points in a suboptimal talent; but I decided to leave them anyhow since they weren’t causing performance problems. Here’s a puzzle: which points are incorrect and where should they have gone, given I wanted to bring the magic debuff plus bring utility?

Our warrior MT [armory loc="us,dath'remar"]Garant[/armory] did respec though. Immediately before the kill he quickly changed to this spec and said it made a difference, being single-target oriented.

I’ve been asked about casual raiding, so might write a bit more about that soon. Here’s one perspective: our Lich King strategy thread has 900 views of 170 posts over 18 pages. It’s in there that Dakas’ strategic thinking also shines, with postmortems, tweaks to strategy and improvements for next time. Our first attempt was April 5th.

For now, I wanted on a personal note to thank Axis for bringing me into the guild, when I returned from the UK looking for a true hardcore-casual guild. It really is exactly the right guild culture and place for me, and I couldn’t be happier.

Phew. So bloody happy that asshat is dead.

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