The question that isn't a question

This always annoys me.

First, the evidence:

Next, the analysis:

  • As I said in that pug, “???” is not a question
  • It is more like an accusation
  • I didn’t even know about what
  • He was dead, I then noticed
  • And he somehow expected others to know (a) he was dead (b) why he died.

Hint: it was the first boss of Nexus, who can do a whirlwind attack…

I think farmville was named after Loserville, and this was one of their natives invading my game.

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8 comments to The question that isn’t a question

  • for me “?” is used when I am trying to say huh? as in how did that happen or why did you say that? I guess one of the biggest problems with chat in a game like WoW is that people get lazy, hence, wtf, wth, omg, WoW or any of the other inumerable acronyms that we use. ? has just become one more of those acronyms because people are too lazy to actually use full words.
    Almost like “pwn”, sorry just messing with you.

  • I think farmville was named after Loserville, and this was one of their natives invading my game.

    Unfortunately, that was probably not the case.
    I was in a pug about two months ago wherein the entire party conversation consisted of “???” and “!!!”.  At first I thought they didn’t understand English, but then I discovered that they were doing it every time they either lost a greed roll or downed a mob.

  • PhantomBuddha

    I generally will use “???” Or “…” to replace the 17 expletives I would like to type, but someone needs to deathgrip that donkey off the d(ps)bag.

    Well played though Grav, I’m going to use that one myself!

  • Feezee

    I use an addon (weakest link) that reports the details of how people died to a chat channel.  I have it set to report the last couple of sources of damage.  The information is taken directly from the combat log, so its fact, not my interpretation of what happened, but I still get PUGs who argue that it wasn’t their fault they died.  In Halls of Stone a warlock was killed from 5 hits of the laser beam, he blamed the healer, and spent 10 minutes claiming he wasn’t hit by it no matter what the combat log said.

  • PhantomBuddha

    Acheron is a must-have mod for similar raid purposes, without all the H8 generation capabilities inside daily heroics or weekly/voa stuff.  I don’t even bother trying to help people in heroics improve anymore, so much attitude from the lazy/incompetent I just keep my mouth shut and only run with a guildy or two to make sure we can at least get it done.
    I cannot wait until the /votekick features go into effect for earlier punting of the “plzcarryme” scrubs.  I don’t mean the guy in quest greens who just dinged 80 and is putting out 1500dps.  I mean the assclowns with 6k+gearscore who’s doing <1kdps on 5 mob trash packs…then blows 10k on bosses.

  • primeval

    I use rankwatch and when I was doing randoms I’d have people complain about the spam.
    For those not familiar, Rankwatch is an addon that monitors what rank spell people are using and lets them(or party or raid or whatever you set it to) know when a lower rank then the max rank is being used.  Sometimes people are too cheap to buy all their spells, other times they put a spell on their actionbar or have a macro with rank set and don’t even realize that they are downranking.
    Rankwatch will only send a message the first time a spell is cast, it will not continue to send messages even if people continue using the lower rank, even though downranking in wow is only useful for a couple specific encounters(like anub in toc).
    Suffice to say, if rankwatch is ‘spamming’, its because they are using a lot of different spells that are not max rank which only makes the problem worse.  In raids many times I’ll talk to people about it and they are generally thankful because they didnt even realize they werent using the max rank.  In Random heroics though I got a few complaints about rankwatch ‘spamming’ and that sums up random party members to me.
    Rather then be thankful that they are alerted to a problem with how they are playing, they would rather complain about a few tells or party chat messages because they fail at wow and are using mostly downranked spells.  Just another story of why randoms fail.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    I love that addon. I used it on each of my own alts to make sure my action bars were set up right (there were a surprising number that weren’t max rank, usually the uncommon spells like healing touch on my druid).

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