Saving to existing raid instance, which bosses are dead?

I hope everyone knows about this not-so-obvious tooltip. It shows which bosses have been killed when you enter an existing raid ID. You put your mouse over the number of bosses killed, and a panel appears below which names them. You can take a screenshot (like I did), so that you don’t have to remember if you later need to repeat its status to other people.

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2 comments to Saving to existing raid instance, which bosses are dead?

  • Didn’t know about that tooltip.
    Probably not too strange as I only raid with my guild and the few times I do miss a raid I just instantly click that accept button.
    Good to know it’s there though, for whenever I might find myself in a PUG.
    This will probably matter a lot more in Cataclysm since you’ll be able to sync up different raid IDs if they’re equally progressed.

  • Zao

    Uh…yeah sure I knew about it.
    *turns away and checks for himself*
    But seriously: thanks a lot, will help when pugging.

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