Cataclysm beta: I will be prepared

Grim Batol image from Blizzard

I have invested quite a bit of time into some site technology improvements, so when Cataclysm Beta starts (whenever that might be), this site is prepared.

pwnwear will have exclusive reports from beta testers.

I’ll have a whole forum structure dedicated to Cataclysm content, making it easier to find information on zones, instances, gear, quests, levelling, DK changes in detail, Goblins, Worgen, game mechanics changes and so on. Testers can publish their findings directly into that structure.

The blog will be a portal into the content we’ll have in the forums:

  • If you only read the forums, you will not miss anything, since I’ll cross-post all blog entries into the forums.
  • If you only read the blog, you’ll get my editorial and anything I come across, but will miss contributions from other DK Tank community members.

The blog just had a visual polish too, with lighter greys and less lines showing.

Content navigator

There will be a ‘recent posts’ on the sidebar, organised into categories of Cataclysm information, to make it easier to find the recent blog posts on your favourite topic. (The forums, by nature of their hierarchical structure, make it easy to find things already.)

I have enabled a sidebar navigator for current live WoW; I’ll create a similar-looking one for Cataclysm when beta is closer.

This is also published for mobile readers, on the new mobile version I’ve just activated.

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