Shadowmourne for the tank

I know two tanks who wield [item gems="40119,40119,40119"]Shadowmourne[/item], so if I know two there must be a few more. Khaas and Splug.

Let me hit it in the face: it should not be minmaxed to the highest dpser, it could equally go to a tank. Because this is a legendary, it takes a guild effort and guild decision to grant it to someone, and that investment must be done wisely.

People can leave

There are many stories of this and previous legendaries going to players who then quit the game or leave the guild. This happens a lot.

If that person was a dpser, then you just lost all their extra dps power when they walked out the door.

If you had a tank, who wanted it, and is still in the guild after the deeps has left, then you’ve just wasted all that effort and put a really bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

Therefore, do not make it a decision solely based on dps when there might be a better candidate who is a tank.

It is a recognition

The gift of Shadowmourne is also a personal responsibility, as most people also need to earn the saronite bars by themselves. That is a serious effort and cost. If the guild decides to cover some of that cost, then the gift is even greater; this should only be done where there is a great commitment from the player to the guild.

Eventually, the weapon will be replaced in Cataclysm, but it will not be vendored. The pride of having carried this weapon will remain.


We’ve been discussing whether you should gear differently around Shadowmourne because it has no expertise.

Other weapons

I wrote a ranked listing of the weapons you can get for DK tanks.

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14 comments to Shadowmourne for the tank

  • brangwen
    Twitter: kowari1

    ^^ This.
    We just had our lucky SM recipient apparently up and gquit mid raid last week (when I was not online, so I only have second hand information).  I cannot stress enough that it is a PRESTIGE thing for whoever receives it. Please consider not necessarily giving it to your best DPSer, but your most awesome reliable guildy who will stay and let your entire guild get the benefit of its presence in raids!

  • Krayzin

    DK tank (armoury!) reporting in here with his 36 Shadowfrost shards. I’m not the first to receive Shadowmourne, a DPS DK in our guild had that privilege. Whilst the decision to give the second one to me caused a kerfuffle, as a Retridin who had also completed all the pre-shards quests was an almost equal candidate in terms of dedication to the guild and obviously a far better choice for pure minmaxing, nobody’s of any doubt that I would ever ninjaquit the guild with the axe in tow.
    The decision may come back to bite us in the ass as we’re stuck on Lich King heroic (25 and 10!) though, heh.
    It won’t be my first legendary though… I’m off to complete Thunderaan the Windseeker right now. >.>

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Do send us a screenshot of completion for Windfury! Was your guild decision on Shadowmourne because you had more guild dedication?

      • Krayzin

        Here ya go, No heroic T10 yet due to my frivolous spending of DKP on non-tier items compared to those darn mages.

        I had kited Prince Thunderaan to Orgrimmar (very easy, just ran forward spamming Dark Command and Rune Tap), but I’d forgotten to take screenies. Some poor folks thought it was a Cataclysm event!
        Also got 5 Shadowfrost Shards from 7 bosses last night (EU reset day), brings my total to 41. Should be done next week!

  • I was fortunate enough to get the acids on my own DK tank last week, in a PuG. Only in a 10m raiding guild though so maybe just Shadow’s Edge for now >.> – was quite funny to watch another DK (DPS) claim it wasn’t much good for tanks though.

  • Krayzin

    Ooh, little update. Got my Shadowmourne tonight, last shard dropped from Lich King himself! (which also means I have to wait until next week for the Sealed Chest…)
    If you want a screenie to put on the article I can rustle one up. :P

  • Vv

    On the subject of SM – I’m currently using Brynn (N), and my guild is on 10 or 11/12 ICC10 (N), and soon to be on 9/12 25 (N).
    Last night I received one of the bloods and next week I’ll hopefully receive the other one. Now I was wondering, would it be worth grabbing Shadow’s Edge over Brynn (N)? It gives me more stam and it’s a slower wep, plus Brynn’s proc isn’t all that great. I’ve never even seen Oxheart, Cryptmaker or Ramaladni’s drop, so I’m somewhat unlucky when it comes to drops.
    One of our guilds tanks says I’m better off keeping Brynn for tanking and to use SE for my offspec. What do you think?

  • Dkaye

    Our guild has completed 4 shadowmournes for the most part. The 1st went to a ret pally/officer who somewhat promptly apped to another guild on another server. The 2nd went to me- a founding member of the guild with a lifetime(the guild was a year old at the time) attendance of easily 97%. I caught alot of QQ about getting the axe but I knew it was a great tps weapon…. along with the fact it was a reward from the guild for the effort/time I have put in. The 3rd went to one of the Guild Leaders- she is still in the guild currently although from what she is saying dps warriors are broken as of the latest patch. The 4th went to a ret pally who was a core raider and filled various spots with diff specs when called apon. Dude has had his axe not even 2 weeks and leaves the guild cuz we decided to save the lockout because we were working on the vile spirit acheive for our mounts(our range fails). When the truth came out is was cause he wanted his loot chest right then and there… I find it funny that I randomed the stuff out(minus the mount) to our core people who helped me finish the quest chain- while other people are so selfish.

    To sum it up short- try and keep fancy oranges in guild, every1 sort of takes a little bit of pride that they helped to get them><

    • Cactuscat

      I… uh… Hate to say this… But you don’t need the vile spirit achievement for your mounts… It’s not included in the meta, only the 30 stacks achieve is :S

  • Dkaye

    incorrect -we have everything but the vile spirit acheive its needed on 25 not on 10><

  • Traxy
    Twitter: traxydk

    Just checking in. I’m a DK tank and I got Shadowmourne this past Tuesday, November 2. I marveled at the idea that I would be in line to get it, but our guild had absolutely no reliable dps warrior mains, ret paladin mains, or 2-handed death knight mains, so it wasn’t really an issue of giving it to a tank over dps.
    We had a little ceremony after killing the Lich King the next day where I distributed the five sealed chest items to people in my guild that I felt were the best fits and most deserving of them. It was really fun, and I recommend to anyone who gets Shadowmourne to do this rather than keep the items or sell them on the AH. Nothing could replace it.

  • [...] to explain what items and their quantities I made/sold to get the gold cap. And Gravity over at Pwnwear made a post about tanks using Shadowmourne, there are a few of us. And there still seems to be an [...]

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