Do not parrygib your Sindragosa tank

We had a simple question today, about a heroic mode tank who got parry-gibbed by Sindragosa.

Melee dps need to remember that whilst parry-haste is mostly off in ICC, which I wrote about in February, it is on for Sindragosa and Deathwhisper, but it’s really Cindy for whom this risk is real due to her melee damage hurting.

Here’s a diagram to help your dps.

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2 comments to Do not parrygib your Sindragosa tank

  • Frozen
    Twitter: TH3R34P3R

    This is new to me. Thanks. Will relay to guild. :)

  • Krayzin

    The exact positioning is actually very tight though – stand any further to the right on that diagram and the melee will get tail-smashed. Not the same as the knockback, but it’s still extra unnecessary damage. Our melee keep max distance from Sindragosa to avoid that.

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