So many action abilities

A quick note, in Cataclysm, Blizzard have said they are having a good look at how many buttons we have on action bars. I think some classes have too many useful abilities already, which crowds actions bars and negatively effects new players. Veterans will adapt and do clever keybindings, and have the advantage of longer-term muscle memory and skill knowledge to help. Newer guys must have a hernia.

Too many abilities in WoW?
I think this is valid and we’re taking a pretty hard look at what abilities every class and talent spec has to deal with. I’m not sure WoW would benefit from a hard cap on the number of abilities you can put on your bar at one time, but we can combine or remove abilities with very situational use.

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6 comments to So many action abilities

  • BigKoala

    My action bars are set up to mimic the placement of quite a bit of my keyboard, and I have nearly 40 combat bindings. A few are “duplicates” (places where I do a macro for tap+ability), and some, like Raise Ally, almost never get used, but they are there and get trotted out every so often.  That’s a LOT of muscle memory to develop, and I’ve spent a lot of time developing as much identical layout between specs as I can.
    Is that too much for new guys to do?  Perhaps.  Blizzard has to walk a fine line between simplifying things to the point where classes get totally homogenized (or too simplistic for high end players), and keeping abilities from being overwhelming for newer, casual players.  That’s a tough row to hoe.

  • Zao

    DKs are actually in an advantage here, because we were designed so recently. I can’t really tell an ability I regard as useless on the top of my head.
    However when I look at my alts I see loads of stuff I never use and simply cramps up my bars because I “could” use them at some point. Stuff like Sentry Totem or Eagle Sight have gotten near useless. Or abilities like Dampen/Amplify Magic which I can’t recall using ever in ICC.

  • I’m all for streamlining class spells and removing abilities which are too situational/useless.
    However, Mages Dampen/Amplify Magic and the Wards is something I’ve found to add much needed flavor to an otherwise quite single-dimentional class.
    By the way, our guild has used Dampen/Amplify on quite a few encounters in ICC – Saurfang being the most obvious benefit of Amplify as there’s only physical damage going around.

  • I’ve thought this has been a problem for quite sometime, glad I’m not the only one. I’m thinking we should only need to use a bar or two of abilities- I’d rather see about one bar worth that I use enough to make sure I have the keybinds memorized and the rest can be stuff I use occasionally and can just click on because I have the time.
    Maybe it’s just my old age, but I can’t bind everything and keep it all straight like the kids can.  :)

  • Val

    I recently had a hardware failure on my laptop and after reinstalling WoW Im facing the task of replicating my actionbars, macros and keybindings from memory. Even at a glance I can tell that something is missing or Im tapping my keyboard and nothing is happening when I should be rune tapping and its frustrating. So I think stream-lining abilities could be benifit players under such conditions as I was
    Doesnt bring back my macro’s though :(

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    I think a few abilities could be folded into each other, like:

    * merge pestilence and blood boil,

    * make ‘raise dead’ an action button which automatically toggles to ‘death pact’ when you have a ghoul raised, then swaps back to ‘raise dead’ automatically after the ghoul’s dead.

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