Ruby Sanctum loot list

The new Ruby Sanctum encounter has two tank items, which have been added to the tank gear list maintained by Kuren. That is a list, based on iLevel, of all the useful tank gear you can get.

Halion drops two new items, with a few versions of each.

Trinket Boots
10-man normal [item 53111]Scion’s Treads[/item]  i258
10-man heroic [item 54564]Scion’s Treads[/item] i271
25-man normal [item 54571]Petrified Twilight Scale[/item] [item 53129]Treads of Impending Resurrection[/item] i271
25-man heroic [item 54591]Petrified Twilight Scale[/item] [item 54579]Treads of Impending Resurrection[/item] i284

The boots are great, there’s no debate. For most tanks, they will be a upgrade. If you have not bought the crafted i264, these could be a huge upgrade. They made the BiS list for EH. Some tanks might have a loss of expertise to consider if already wearing [item]grinning skull greatboots[/item].

The trinket… I’m not a fan. It’s equip-effect of armour is very good, of course. It’s on-use is meh. We had a good chat bout it over here. I would not go out of my way to get this trinket, at all.

Here’s a diagram, which I agree with, that shows why avoidance isn’t all that hot right now.

Avoidance Curve chart It maps the probability of being hit five times in a row against your total avoidance. You need to have about 53% avoidance (in Icecrown) or better before you get much usefulness from avoidance, and then you still need very large (ie. unrealistic) increments to gain from additional avoidance. The diagram is courtesy of tankspot, which we discussed at length here particularly relating to the various trinket choices tanks.

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2 comments to Ruby Sanctum loot list

  • Arasi

    Is the trinket proc on-use? Appears to be on-equip to me from the tooltip.
    “Pinata Loot” (as I refer to Onyxia, Ruby Sanctum, and to an extent badge turn-in gear) always struck me as ways to bolster late-phase entrants into the end raiding tier. They have a few up/sidegrades for experienced raiders so those players have a reason to visit the new instance, but a lot of the stuff seems really there to provide less-geared players a bandage so they have a chance to progress in places like Ulduar, ToC, and now ICC. Not sure I would farm for the trinket as a normal ICC 10 tank, but if I was a dps working on a tank OS (or a new tank looking to get into ICC) I’d definitely like to get my hands on it.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      The trinket’s proc is passive, so will automatically be used only limited by its internal cooldown of 45s. I’d be very pleased if it dropped, since I use the glyph at the moment and it’s an upgrade to that trinket, but I’m not going to put it on my “must have” list.

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