Would you macro hi everyone and thanks all?

I’m trying to work out which keyboard to buy, to replace my UK-layout keyboard with a US-layout. Since I’m fairly sure I’ll also buy a Logitech G13, this means I do not need a gaming qwerty keyboard. I could get anything really.

When you play with a G13 and a Naga mouse, you do not need a normal keyboard in fights anymore. You’d use the full-size keyboard to hit ‘n’ or ‘m’ for talents and maps out-of-combat, but whilst tanking the qwerty keyboard isn’t used. I could just push it under my monitor.

However, in a 5-man, I do like to say hello and goodbye. Usually there isn’t much else to type. I suggested since greetings are the only actual typing I do, I might as well have macros like /p hi everyone.

Satorri felt that diminishes the genuineness of the etiquette; a macro makes it something superficial. That’s true in a way.

I would be happy with using a few macros anyhow. It would take no effort on my part, I just hit a button, and I’m comfortable with that. However, it does extend the concept of my party-members being an AI in the single-player game of LFD dailies.

What do you reckon? Chat about it here in the blog or this forum post.

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1 comment to Would you macro hi everyone and thanks all?

  • Dril

    I don’t know. I agree that it cheapens it (Autogratz really pisses me off, not because of the spam but because it shows you genuinely do not give a fuck) but I also see the logic behind macroing it. Bah!

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