Goblin starter area, second island, images

The goblin starter area quests are absolutely awesome. Funny, enjoyable, loaded with goblin character. I laughed out loud a few times. All about making money. I regularly grinned with pleasure as I drove around a goblin hotrod (seriously) to pick up friends, or drive over the top of looters.

The levelling experience was very smooth, great breadcrumbs taking you from one step to the next, and the unfolding of new abilities makes sense too.

After the first quest island, you move to another.

Here are a few images from there. I tried a goblin shaman.

Mega chicken quest, so full of awesome

Mega chicken quest

Funny quest turn-in within the Goblin town-in-a-box

the Goblin town-in-a-box

Frickin shark with laser beams

Funny quest text turn-in

I loved these quests.

Gravity the shaman goblin

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