Gravity the DK goblin, in Acherus (beta)

I recorded a video of a new Goblin DK so you could see them do a few attacks and run around. This is a fairly mean-looking goblin!


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3 comments to Gravity the DK goblin, in Acherus (beta)

  • UB

    Thanks for the Vid.  Not a huge fan of those combat animations so far.  For me that adds to the fun.  Space Monkeys have the best combat animations in my opinion for melee at least.  The swing like they mean it.

  • Methuus

    It would have been cool if Bliz had put in a little nod to the lore problems of having worgen and goblin DKs in the starting zone.
    Maybe when you first walk up to the Lich King as a goblin DK, he says something like: “I don’t remember having any goblins in my service…”

    • Sannhet

      There aren’t any serious lore issues with having Worgen/Goblin DKs….since the DK starting zone is considered more of a “flashback” than a current time stream, and Goblins and Worgens have been around in the world, just unplayable, it’s entirely possible that some of them died and were brought back, we just didn’t cross paths with them during our own individual “flashbacks”.

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