How to move the standard Blizzard UI frames

Since addons are disabled in Cataclysm Beta, but the player and target frames are in such a remote position, I came across this script which allows you to move the default Blizzard frames.

Create a macro with this text to move both those frames:
/run for _, f in pairs{PlayerFrame, TargetFrame} do f:SetMovable(true) f:SetScript("OnDragStart", f.StartMoving) f:SetScript("OnDragStop", f.StopMovingOrSizing) f:RegisterForDrag("LeftButton") end
The space between the two frame names is important. If you just want to move one item, then {PlayerFrame} is fine.

Click the macro, then they’re adjustable.

{FrameName} can be:

BuffButton1 (2,3,4, etc)

You can discover more frame names with a macro that includes
Using that macro gives you a mouseover showing the names of each frame.

Then when done moving things, type
/console reloadui
to lock them down. Strangely right now in Beta, the TargetFrame is not keeping its change, but the player frame did.

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