Blackrock caverns, instance, tanked

I tanked Blackrock Caverns the other night. I had been in once before in Alpha. Didn’t get any further on this attempt; the second boss isn’t intuitive. That’s good. It’s nice to have a boss who you can’t just work out on-the-run. I had not watched any videos on strategy for her (I prefer to do that, so I can give more accurate testing feedback). I’m happy to only have people tell me what they know in party chat.

First boss is easy, and I have a YouTube video of that fight. I’m slowly getting more of a hang of tanking in the New Blood. The learning curve is breaking my own muscle memory, combined with me having not AOE tanked in blood on Live for ages. I have been running a Blood single-target spec along with a Frost or Unholy AOE spec, so I’m quite rusty on using heart strike and blood boil efficiently. Plus of course, DnD threat is not quite what it used to be (it appears).


Second boss, I now know, has beams which convert her acolytes into draconids. You can break the beams with your body to control their release, letting the debuff stack up to about 80 before stepping out of the beam. The debuff fades. You can then repeat. You can also let all her acolytes turn into draconids at once by ignoring the beams, then have your tank use cooldowns to survive the massive damage, whilst holding AOE threat on the three draconids and the boss.


One problem is wiping. The spirit healer is way off and the corpse run is long (think Molten Core days). I made a short video for other beta testers, showing where the entry is. I expect Blizzard will put in a new SH some time, that’s closer.


About YouTube

Lastly, a few youtube generation Y losers have commented about how my videos are boring or not professionally edited or whatever. True. I’m not spending any time polishing them. It’s raw footage, with me talking as I play, because I do not have the personal time to edit them and make them all flashy when with that time I would much prefer to play more. I’ve also never published videos before so have had a technical learning curve. Been quite interesting learning about it, actually.

I know the regular pwnwear readers understand this and don’t care, you know you can just skip the boring bits of me fiddling with UI or whatever doesn’t interest you. I’m recording my impressions of beta, as a tester, and not recording it for entertainment purposes. Gen Y youtubers don’t care about that, they want to be entertained. Fortunately, they don’t frequent this site.


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2 comments to Blackrock caverns, instance, tanked

  • leokill27

    Nice video, I’m getting excited for Cata now, as I AoE tank in blood I’m feeling good about the new tree, also with the mage penguin polymorph is a glyph XD

  • fayden123

    Thank you for the information! I just got the beta today and yours has definitely been the most helpful site so far!

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