Throne of Tides, instance, tanked

I tanked all the bosses of Throne of Tides and have uploaded all the footage, including my many failures, onto YouTube.

This was the first time I’d got past the trash in the initial corridor, since in Alpha that was about success as I could muster during the Australian timezone. Now with a larger beta test base, there are a lot of people running around from US EU and other regions too.

I discovered, after recording this video, that party chat doesn’t work. So… when you see me raging and going on about these stupid bastards who can’t talk back to me, it’s actually because they can’t hear me. Only says work. /p doesn’t. This is probably related to the region the players come from.

I found a few situations in the instance where I wanted more AOE power than I have. I also found I was forgetting to use rune strike, blood boil (for scarlet fever) and barely never needed tanking cooldowns. I completely neglected rune tap, even with its buffed talented version, mostly because I’m actually thinking about how to tank.

These videos show me learning to tank, in some ways, because it’s quite unfamiliar. Definitely not my finest tanking.

The new instance is cinematic (literally) and gorgeous. Beautiful design, interesting bosses with the usual familiarity from past encounters. Below is an embedded playlist of the entire run, wipes, corpses runs and all.


Discussion forum for this instance is over here.

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