Comparison of live to beta gear and spells

Some of the things I do when testing. Thought I’d share this one. No major insights, just some documentation of a world of logs analysis I did of the damage from a blood tank.

On live, here are my stats below the break.

live stats

On beta 12539, with exactly the same gear, my stats.

I am in frost on live and blood presence on beta.

Key figures:

Stat Live Beta
Health 43000 49131
Armour 30648 27882
Attack power 4098 3983

First round of tests.

Here is a world of log parse on live doing death strike and heart strike against L70 dummy. Screenshot because the WoL won’t be up forever:

Beta log of the same attacks, same target. Screenshot:

First thing that struck me. Why is melee damage so different? Attack power is the same (and it reflects the effect of bladed armour)… checked weapon. Ah, warmace of menethil has 94 armour penetration on live and 94 haste on beta.

Other strike differences are because Blizzard balanced them to account for the slower rune system, so weapon multipliers changed on heart and death strike.¬†Icy touch has a higher base damage (nearly doubled) plus I don’t have the +15% icy touch talent on beta. I didn’t test it here but I know DnD has had its attack power coefficient halved (so its damage is halved). Death coil’s coefficient looks like 40% now up from 20% on live (which is odd, I thought it was 15% on live but the data shows its 20%).

All pretty much as expected.

One thing that stood out. Death strike is relatively higher, if you look at it as a ratio compared to the combined damage of IT and PS (excluding diseases), on beta than live. On live IT+PS is 85% of a DS, on beta they’re 62%. This would normally be another reason to use DS instead of IT/PS but the duration of scarlet fever makes epidemic talent (long disease) less useful.

We really need to see Blizzard’s DK patch, whenever it comes. Satorri and I have been waiting for it since Alpha.

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