Little bugs in beta and little changes (12539)

I’m posting for your curiosity, but also with secondary benefit of linking to these images in a bug report. Beta 12539. Images below.

In blood spec, I had a wandering plague proc in my combat log. This shouldn’t happen.

bug: wandering plague for blood tank

There are new options I had not noticed before.

battle-net options

Overlapping nameplates don’t seem to do anything differently on neutral targets like the dummys. I suspect the same occurs on hostile targets, but haven’t checked that yet. Bug likely.

Vengeance appears in my blood spellbook now. I don’t recall that being visible before. Maybe it has a new icon.

Vengeance in spell book

In the talent pane, a little tank or dps icon appears near each tree. I hadn’t noticed it before. ┬áNice touch.

little icons

By the way, in Vashj’ir Harrison Jones is back as a fun new quest hub which appears after a while.

harrison jones in Vashj'ir

There was a bug where one of my DKs was not keeping her trained talents. I’d spec in, play for a bit, then they’d just disappear as if I was reset. Will check later if that’s still in this beta version. Others reported this in the past.

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