Video tutorial on how the Cataclysm rune system works

Two very short videos showing you how the runes recharge, are embedded below.

You can see the lockouts. Runic Empowerment would help give you some randomly recharged runes if you get a rune strike and it procs the RE random chance. Beta 12604. Note in the video, at the beginning, I should say ‘outbreak’ but say something else.

I’m not so comfortable with how it plays out for tanking. I regularly have rune blackouts, where I need to do an attack (usually an AOE situation) and simply have nothing I can do (other than blood tap or ERW).

Next, here’s a video showing the 10s gap between rune recharges and how blood tap works. Basic stuff, but might be helpful to get your head around it.



Here or this forum post.

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13 comments to Video tutorial on how the Cataclysm rune system works

  • Velasco

    Watching those videos confuses me even more than the system explained via text.
    I specifically compared the part in the first video, where you used Icy Touch twice in a row to the second video where you used the blood runes.
    In video one after the first frost rune finished and the second began to regenerate you used the first rune again. But this time the first rune has already regenerated by 1/4 being on par with rune 2. This coincides with GCs explanation that Rune 1 would use the “extra” part of Rune 2, which already regenerated.
    Watching the second video I observed the behaviour of the blood runes since I don’t know, if there is some specialty when a U or F rune gets converted to a Death Rune with this new system.
    You started to cast the Blood Runes at 0:22. Blood rune 1 was regenerating while blood rune 2 was locked. Rune 1 finished and rune 2 started to regenerate. After you used rune 1 again it stayed locked and was not regenerating like the frost rune 1 in the first video.
    The thing that confused me is why both frost runes were regenerating at the same time, while the blood runes locked each other out.
    Could also be that I have overseen something.

  • Velasco

    Thanks for the videos though the rune system still seems a little bit confusing to me^^.

    In the first video I compared the part where you used two frost runes in a row to the part in the second video, where you used the blood runes.

    After you used up both frost runes the first time rune 1 was ready again and rune 2 was regenerating. When you then used rune 1 it was already regenerated by about 1/4, which was about the same as frost rune 2. This coincides with the statement of Ghostcrawler that rune 1 will use the “extra” part of rune 2.

    In the second video there was the same scenario with the blood runes. You used both once and while blood rune 1 was ready again blood rune 2 was regenerating. What is confusing now is that blood rune 1 stayed locked out unlike frost rune 1 which regenerated along frost rune 2.

    Did I oversee something or can I safely say his system still needs some tweaking?

  • Adam Backstrom
    Twitter: abackstrom

    So only one of a given rune type (excluding death runes) will recharge at a time? ie. When two Frost Runes are on CD, one will recharge at a time, but if you Death Strike, both death runes will begin charging immediately?

  • Dave Sundog

    Turns out I was wrong on the entire system, that or it has changed since I first read about it. As Gravity has outlined, it seems runes will generate squentially, triggered by it’s paired rune being filled to the top.

    Very odd, and could pose problems for tanking if they dont get the threat right on each ability. On the flip side, for PVP it will be good as each ability will be budgeted to do a LOT more damage (as seems the case with froststrikes in your videos).

    Thank you very much for the vid Gravity, it has cleared a lot up. Keep up the good work.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Let me re-do them to be more clear.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Done. I think they’re not working as intended, actually. Discussion on beta forums. Maybe I’m noobing something.

      • Dave Sundog

        Don’t think you did anything out of the ordinary, I’m waiting for the HD version to finish processing so I can see the runes more easily, but you are right they are only working sequentially it seems. This isn’t how it was ever outlined by Ghostcrawler.

        It could be argued that if this is the intended function of the rune system now, why don’t we just have one of each rune? I guess it helps at the start of a fight or long gaps between being able to hit someone in pvp, but it doesn’t seem very elegant. Seems like its pinned on the RNG of Runic Empowerment. Wonderful.

        • Gravity
          Twitter: gravitydk

          Yeah I agree. That’s how it looks to me at the moment (presuming I haven’t just stuffed up somehow): they’re relying on Runic Empowerment to give you more runes to hit.  High Def is ready now, too.

  • Dave Sundog

    Having looked at the Cataclysm feedback thread you linked, it does raise some issues with me.
    The self healing problem they have created by removing the heal-per-damage mechanic by making frost the DPS presence can be cured by moving the heal component from Deathstrike to blood strike. It would give frost a reason to use the blood runes beyond them being the goto runes after you expend your other resource. It might even help survivability of frost in PVP. Popping Lichborne and Deathcoiling oneself isn’t ideal. Could be grossly overpowered though.
    Deathstrike has it’s own fancy new absorb, and the heal could be applied to Heartstrike – rewarding you for using the cleave portion of the ability correctly via greater healing – something I think would be befitting of a blood DK.
    Secondly, Runic Empowerment seems like an RNG fest, and nothing annoys me more than winning (or worse, losing) anything due to a peck on the cheek from Lady Luck. Don’t get me wrong, I love RNG in the form of crits, but RE being made baseline makes me worry that the entire Rune system is propping the DK up on the precipice of resource starvation in a very hit-or-miss way. I like to roll the dice for a crit just like everyone else, but let me cash out, please don’t force us to roll again unless it’s a free bet.

    Again thank you for the site, Gravity, and giving us all a little peek into what’s to come. The videos are becoming better with every iteration.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      You know Dave, that blood runes feel very scarce. I was tanking last night in beta and regularly wanted to use vampiric blood or rune tap, but didn’t have the rune available. For a DPSer though, I can see where your thinking is at: make blood strike useful. Currently it’s the last thing I hit, and whilst levelling as dps I sometimes don’t use it for minutes at at time, with mobs dying to other attacks.

      Moving the heal component around might have all kinds of balance complications you’d need to think through.

      I’m learning a lot about doing videos as I go. I’m no youtuber normally, so there was a technical learning curve. :)

      • Dave Sundog

        I’m not used to tanking myself, but from your videos and the look of the new rune system I can see how frustrating it could be with the new lack of runes for tanks. For dps, if you don’t have the resource for an ability it’s just a case of waiting, but for a tank it’s quite often a case of necessity in order to stay alive or gain threat.

        I personally very much hope there will be a LOT of tweaking going on, with the push to make runic power a more prominent resource, they can switch abilities to draw from that – rather than the reliance on the rune system exclusively. I guess they have started to do this with dps specs, but I can imagine how frustrated I would be when the only option as a tank is “throw a deathcoil” as I’m losing a few mobs off an AOE pack, or worse, about to bite the bullet. Bloodboiling off runic power instead of blood runes could work for instance, but again not having tanked in beta I wouldn’t know how much of a help that could be. it might also have major ramifications elsewhere.
        A DK’s deathcoil being able to heal themselves via a baseline effect could be an option I guess, would help with the survivability and give the option between damage or healing. Again though, I’m thinking the problem is more fundamentally lack of runes from a tank’s point of view.
        I still hold out hope though, I also play a hunter and was mortified when I saw defensive cooldowns costing focus. They promptly removed most of those costs and made the abilities free. Here’s hoping that they give DK the same kind of treatment!

        In all seriosness, they have probably gone through every idea I have had already, and we will have to trust them to sort it out. Thanks to dilligent testers like yourself I’m sure they will pull off something special, and hats off to you for sticking with it.

        • Gravity
          Twitter: gravitydk

          I have a lot of confidence in Blizzard too. They’re very good at this.

          That said, really well-thought out feedback is valuable to them. GC particularly wants feedback or suggestions that has thoroughly considered the consequences of the changes, which is actually pretty tricky and fun at the same time.
          I have a pre-made hunter on beta, but haven’t played with him yet.

          I got pre-mades for all the classes which I’ve raided with over the last five years, but until it all settles down a bit I didn’t want to test anything but DKs, with whom I’m most familiar. Later on though, I’m keen to try my warlock, hunter, paladin and druid premades. :)   I want to train some cool new pets!

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