Thoughts on beta tanking, bugs and feedback

Some thoughts on Beta tanking, which I originally posted in the official forums.

Morkarion makes a good post earlier. I too am well aware it’s beta. No need for anyone to remind me that means there will be bugs and changes. I too am just stating the awkwardness of giving useful feedback, or performing focused tests, when it’s complicated by both bugs and AOE.

That said… some recent thoughts on tanking as DK.


I have trouble providing effective feedback because of the layering of bugs on top of the system I’m trying to test: UI inaccuracy, Runic Empowerment bug, display inconsistency between Rune UI and action bars being lit up (I had blood boil lit up but when trying to cast it got a ‘you dont have runes’ error) and I’ve got a perma-ghoul in all specs (including tank). There’s a official forum thread listing the known bugs.


Also adding to confusion is AOE.

I had thought we’d have less AOE in general. When matching the gear to level, you’d need CC, then you could AOE when you revisit when overgearing it.

I’m finding the three instances I’ve tested have gauntlets, biggish pulls, large spawns (a few bosses spawn many adds you need to control) and so on.

So I spec into Morbidity for DnD cooldown and can tank it reasonably well, but should I have to?

I’m handling AOE reasonably well now, ONLY IF I have a 15s DnD through morbidity. It’s really hard otherwise (ie. fails, mostly) and not much fun.

I have mentioned earlier that Blood tanks could bias to Unholy sub-spec, for Morbidity, but the Tier 1 talents aren’t all that desirable. The epidemic talent for example extends our diseases but is disconnected to our scarlet fever’s 30 seconds.


Having vampiric blood, bone shield and rune tap require runes is a real problem.

My runes are always on cooldown.

If I want to use a tank cooldown, I need to wait for them to be ready, then hit them. Sure when I know encounters I can do this more predictably, and tank proactively, but it’s possible I could be waiting too long for a rune. I might not die but I do not feel like I’m in control.

I feel like the game is in control, and I wait for it to allow me to cast my tank cooldown. I cast tank cooldowns to be in control of my damage intake, or to mitigate risk of being low on HP, but that control is being distanced from me because I have no runes available.

Since the talents have internal cooldowns already, why not move them to runic power usage and give tanks a higher limit like 120 RP, so we can keep a reserve of RP for tanking whilst still safely spending RP on rune strikes.

I don’t think the additional wait for blood/unholy rune cooldown is a useful limit.


I am testing AOE threat, but not sure if it’s relevant, I’m trying to test tanking, but get error messages which might invalidate conclusions I’d draw or my own performance in the job, etc.

I’m still very grateful for being in beta, and look forward to some bug fixes.


The thing that I don’t like about it is that it’s design appears to be adding another spell to allow a single-rune unholy Scourge Strike to have some meaning. I would in general prefer a few less spells, through consolidation of their effects for example, rather than more. My action bar runneths over, and I worry about new players hitting a learning curve of so many buttons to remember.

That kind of design reminds of me Scarlet Fever (damage reduction), which you get through blood boil, which you talent into so that it’s ‘free’ if you cast a plague strike when it’s up, if you have talented into that…. so many conditions!

It’s not elegant compared to many of blizzard’s other design efforts.

Reference: Morkarion’s post which I mentioned.

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3 comments to Thoughts on beta tanking, bugs and feedback

  • Shayzani
    Twitter: Shayzani

    Excellent summary of the situation. Thanks for posting this.

  • Zao

    Pretty much sums up what I’ve been thinking too. I sincerely hope that the AoE part is only on regular dungeons and heroics will require more cc.
    I also hope they get rid of Death Runes, in my opinion they make managing Rune cooldowns only harder. Though they have the advantage that it makes it more likely that I have a rune ready for BSh/RT (VB is tied to BT anyway).
    And I’m still hoping for some major buff to BB, because that would offer us a more controllable AoE effect and if they make it a 3 point talent we’d still have more points left than specing into Morbidity.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Oh, death strike’s life barrier isn’t implemented in the current version either.

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