Ghostcrawler on talent tree design and playstyles

GC has made a long post describing their design intent and current status of talent trees over here. He made a few follow-up posts too, so it’s worth looking over the whole thread with a bluetracker.

In another thread, he posted that their is a design intent for Frost to be more proc-based and Unholy more predictable. I point out there’s no such preference in the general tank population and describe the rune-lockout we currently see on beta as a problem because it limits the tanks sense of control.

I hope he posts some more on the DK tank status through the day.

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  • For some reason, it’s giving me an error whenever I try to log onto the forums (beta or normal), and thus I’m unable to reply to that thread! Talk about bad timing =/.

  • Anaroth

    It strikes me however that unholy is in fact setup better for a dynamic style of play.   Assuming you festering strike every 6 seconds or so, you pretty much have a rotation that consists of just scourge strikes, festering strikes and death coils, you don’t even have to worry about diseases.
    Frost on the other hand has a bit of a mismatch as you get free F rune abilities, but the core strike is a FU strike and you only get death runes from blood strike, so it strikes me that not only is frost more RNG dependent, but it also is harder to work out what to do at any particular time.
    In some ways it should be the tanking role that doesn’t haven’t to worry about maintaining diseases.  To that end, the most obvious way to get tanks to use festering strike would be to make death strike, solely require a U rune.  That way you could change crimson scourge to work off your festering strikes.   If DRM still works off death strike then you can choose more or less to give up some of your shields (death strikes) for threat (say heart strike).
    As for the tanking cooldowns, I tend to agree, although blood tap probably should still require a rune.  The cooldowns for other tanking classes don’t really require any resources anyway.  DK tanks have arguably the most things to pay attention to anyway.

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