Stonecore instance, tanked

I completed the Stonecore a few days ago in beta 16404. I did all four bosses, but accidentally only recorded FRAPS of the first three. This shows that I’ve improved my Beta tanking skills, helped along by the 16404 patch which made Morbidity accessible.

Whilst we hear that Blizzard will be reducing the need for AOE tanking, I’m not seeing it. There are spawn waves on the first and fourth bosses of this instance. There is a gauntlet in Throne of Tides. There are large pulls regulalry. I’ve used cc on one mob on nearly every pull of three or more. I’m not seeing an implementation of the “less AOE” from a tanking perspective.

However, from a DPS perspective, you can’t AOE these mobs. Their HP is too high. Some trash pulls in the current tuning take a minute or more to clear. They really take a while to kill. Whilst this is happening, the tank needs to hold AOE threat.

The current beta for DKs lets us pick up Morbidity, which is required, but it’s still tough to hold threat on them all.

That said, here is the video of DK tanking in Stonecore. I’ve edited them a bit more than usual, but haven’t shorted the boss fights even if they get a bit long.


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5 comments to Stonecore instance, tanked

  • raainstorm
    Twitter: saandstorm

    Compared to the ROFL stomps on live this seems like a long fight.  The boss fight mechanics seem very repetitive, I kept waiting for a more interesting phase three to happen.
    I am concerned by your observations that there seems to be more gauntlet type fights and “streaming adds” in the 80+ dungeons.  For example on live: It wasn’t until people started out gearing heroics that I didn’t experience a wipe fest on Halls of Stone.  I wonder if we’ll see tunings in the instances before launch or will there be live nerfs like we saw for Forge of Souls and eventually OCC.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      It isn’t the most exciting video to watch, indeed, and some have a lot of HP vs the DPS we had, so they take a while to die. In fact, trash can take a while to die. Great design visually, character and still fun to tank, but not overly complex mechanics that’s for sure.

  • Zao

    I just tanked it aswell. Really enjoyable, especially the last boss. (Force grip ftw).
    THe trash seems slightly overtuned for me (or maybe we should have really used cc) because they were able to drop me pretty fast and ad the end (the packs with the fire elementals) our healer was constantly hovering at 20% mana.
    I can’t see an alt with partial wotlk quest blues doing any of the new instances.

  • Judgeratt

    I think the Devs’ intent with AoE is more along the lines of Cataclysm’s heroic dungeons requiring care in some pulls rather than WotLK’s penchant for AoE circle jerks interspersed with boss fights.  I imagine that there will still be a fair amount of AoE tanking for us to do.
    My impression is that we’ll have pulls more like HoR than Shadow Labs.

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