Blood parasite testing: beta

Zao has done some testing on the blood parasites on beta. My impression is they’re very good, giving a group to nearby allies (ie. not party or raid, proximity-based like a Druid’s wild growth). He’s got some figures on their mechanics. Extract of Zao’s post, the rest is in his forum post.

Since I was able to finally log on to the EU realms again, I could do some testing on the Blood Parasite on the heroic testing dummy in Acherus.

What I can say definetly are these things: Bloodworms healing and Health is based on your own health pool.

33850 Health they had 8164 HP and healed me for 408 per stack of Blood Gorged.

58400 Health they had 14192 HP and healed me for 709 per stack of Blood Gorged.

They always spawn inside the Mob and then move behind it...continue reading.

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