It's beautiful

Really, Blizzard have a beautiful world.

I recorded this scenic video showing the world from Vashj’ir to Undercity, on the flightpath, and more footage of questing.

Vashj’ir itself, underwater, is stunning. I’ve got some more footage (nearly 15 minutes), along with the incredible, awesome and epic Maelstrom footage to upload in in a few days. If anyone else has some lovely beta imagery, feel free to share it over here.


I have done a lot of Vashj’ir now. I have not tried to work out if it’s all of it, or not. The next quest hub is bugged, and I can’t complete the quest (the guy is behind a bricked up wall). So instead I hit the Maelstrom which is unbelievably good and has upgrades for me, too, with some great i289 greens to replace my i251 gear easily.

Look at my new weapon, for example, compared to what I used to wield for DPS. It’s from Vashj’ir.

The gloves I just got from Maelstrom, from a crowning quest so its iLevel is higher than the usual i289 from that zone. The screenshot also shows an image of the Maelstrom.

Yes, gear will get replaced with greens. We expected it, of course. I’m quite enjoying it, to be frank.

So, questing in Vashj’ir. It really is beautiful, fun, immersive. Rich with lore and storytelling.


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