Deepholm is epic

This zone is so epic.
It is absolutely awesome. The storytelling and questline here is magnificent, engaging and wonderous. It’s enjoyable and funny at moments too, with that great Blizzard sense of style and humour.

I have uploaded a video showing questing there; hopefully the scale and grandeur of the zone is evident.

The Stonecore instance, which I’ve tanked (and have videos of that onĀ youtube too) did not have itemised loot yet. If my quest reward is of that standard, I don’t know what the instance will have. Basically, L83 and this zone is when most people’s WotLK gear of i258 or below will start to be replaced.

Other loot drops such as cloak and neck piece are discussed here, trinkets here and I’ve put their images below.

Deepholm quest rewards

You won’t mind though, since this zone is an unfuckingbelievably awesome way to get upgrades. Barely any bugs to report, too. It’s solid already.

Deepholm starting quest, from Thrall at the Maelstrom

Deepholm starting quest, from Thrall at the Maelstrom

We have a thread discussing Deepholm, and here’s the video.


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