Tanking changes for Paladins, I'd like similar for DKs

Ghostcrawler has given an update, very important one at that, on maintankadin changes. They allude to a design for the damage debuff which I hope will be applied to DK tanks, too.

Here is how Prot paladins are working in our current beta build. You might not see these changes in the next beta build, but in the one after that. Things are still in a high degree of flux however.

Shield of the Righteous — Now consumes Holy Power to cause damage.

Holy Shield — Now a passive ability that causes your Shield of the Righteous to provide 5% block per stack of Holy Power consumed. In other words, you never click Holy Shield. You just click Shield of the Righteous and buff yourself.

Hammer of the Righteous — Now generates Holy Power but shares a cooldown with Crusader Strike. Almost all talents that affect one or the other will affect both. The intention is you use Crusader Strike -> Shield of the Righteous for single target and Hammer of the Righteous -> Shield of the Righteous for multitarget.

Avenger’s Shield — No real change, but it still hits pretty hard. Both CS and HotR can proc Grand Crusader to lower the Avenger’s Shield cooldown.

Vindication — can be caused only by Crusader Strike or Hammer of the Righteous.

Holy Wrath — With the above changes, we think Prot paladins have enough rotational buttons to hit, so we are downplaying Holy Wrath. Holy Wrath is really intended as a Ret filler spell (for when other attacks are on cooldown). Prot could technically use Holy Wrath, but we aren’t providing any talent hooks.

Consecration — Now on a 10 sec duration with a 30 sec cooldown. The Hallowed Ground talent makes it cheaper and hit harder — it does not affect duration. Use Consecration when you need it, but you can’t spam it. This is consistent with the AE changes we are making to all tanks.

With these changes in mind, Prot will be thinking about buttons such as these:

Single Target: Judgement, Crusader Strike, Shield of the Righteous, Avenger’s Shield.
Multi-target: Judgement, Consecration, Hammer of the Righteous, Shield of the Righteous, Avenger’s Shield, possibly Exorcism.

None of this includes things like Seals, Inquisition, defensive cooldowns, Word of Glory, etc.

Damage debuff: I want Death Knight tanks’ Scarlet Fever to get the same treatment. The pally’s single or multiple target rotation will include a strike that will, in a future beta, also cause the debuff. No strange rotation. Just do your usual moves, and the target gets debuffed.

Currently for DKs, we need to renew plague fever before it expires, in order to get a free blood rune, to then be able to use blood boil which puts the damage debuff up. That whole messy sequence requires you have talented into Crimson Scourge for 2 talent points (gives ‘free’ rune) and the Scarlet Fever talents (to change blood boil to cause the debuff).

Myself and other DK tank testers have been commenting on this since alpha, and I really hope our next DK patch includes fixes using a similar design style to that of maintankadins.

For paladins: I like how they’ve removed the need to hit holy shield, and that it self-buffs. Having a less repetitive rotation is a good idea, as long as the rhythmic style is retained, which I always liked.

AOE tanking: the change to consecration means that Pallys will need to find other ways to handle streaming adds, like hitting them and using reflective damage. Currently DK tanks are having trouble with streaming adds, because we run out of runes; so have to artificially keep an unholy rune free so we can use Death and Decay, which forces us to forsake using death strike and bone shield.


we have a forum thread on scarlet fever.

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4 comments to Tanking changes for Paladins, I’d like similar for DKs

  • TyphoonAndrew
    Twitter: typhoonandrew

    The only part I didn’t like was the change in the Consecration to not being a consistant ability. Now that said – I get why it needs to happen, and also that it will make Pally Tanking more challenging. The key will be to keep the “fun” factor of a pally tank; and I find Pally tanking to be the most fun out of my Death Knight, Druid and Paladin.

    As far as grouping mobs, or using Consecr as a tool to catch mobs running over an area – Consecr was not a 100% system. If any class has a power that is most effective it is the Bear Swipe, which can be timed perfectly. Perhaps bears will become the AoE tanks of choice.

    So I’d give this a begruding ok; but really will miss my circle of golden holy fire.

  • Judgeratt

    These changes will affect offtankadins as well. :P

  • I think the point with the change to concercration is an example of how they wont all AoE tanking to be. If that is the case I could see DnD with a longer CD probibly with talents not effecting CD and just damage but perhaps the Rune cost removed to compensate for it(possibly via the changed talents). Not sure what that would mean for Bloodboil etc though.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    It’s a really interesting development, eh, I am eagerly awaiting to see how they balance Bear’s swipe and DKs in terms of AOE.

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