New launcher/installer available for Beta

I’ve just received an email from Blizzard (from the same address that sent me the original alpha/beta invite), telling me the new installer is ready. Apparently you delete the existing game, then download a new one from

Important note: as an Oceanic player, the URL redirected me to which gives a BROKEN downloader. Manually type in and download the beta installer from there instead, and it works. Thanks to the fellows on official forums.

Hopefully everyone will be careful here and only download from, and not from any clever phishing scammers.

I’m travelling with work Thur/Fri, so can’t install this til the weekend on both my Windows 7 and Mac clients. I hope they have optimised the download size, so it doesn’t require repeated patching after the initial install; ie. the initial version is very close to current beta version.

I checked the new installer, and it does not appear to be ready yet. Gives an error ‘download is not authorised’, which means the backend servers and maintenance aren’t all finished yet.

Intall instructions for new beta

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9 comments to New launcher/installer available for Beta

  • Line 3a. is the one that has me worried – I forsee plenty of phishing mails that look exactly like this one except for a slightly different URL, like
    IMO companies should never ask you to follow links in their e-mails – in this case it should just ask you to go to the site and log in from there.

  • Rhidach
    Twitter: Rhidach

    I am not looking forward to downloading this. Only heard bad things so far.

  • BigKoala

    Once I got the new downloader out of the way — which took a while — the actual downloading is estimating 6 hours.  It very rapidly (@2%) went to yellow (game experience will not be ideal).  There’s a little green line about halfway down the progress bar, I’m assuming that is “playable” level.  If so, it should be about 3 hours.

  • BigKoala

    No.  Don’t know if it matters, but I’m on
    I’ve been away from the computer for many hours, and returned to find the launcher/installer stuck at 12%.  It let me log in, and that kick started the download again, although I think the “About 10 minutes” estimate for the remaining 14 gig is overly optimistic.
    “Some delays” on yellow is pretty bad — mobs not appearing until you are literally on top of them, flying completely choppy, things like that.

  • Bindura

    I got directed to as well. I didn’t like the url so I went back through the old WoW site/manage account which directed me to the
    *edited- for clarification
    A side note, I can only get ADSL 1 where I live in rural Qld. It will take just over 100hrs to download all the game files, have installed the client. 100hrs before the game is playable as I doubt streaming and playing with my connection will be much fun.

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