Guide on learning to mouse turn and situational awareness

These two guides, written by the lookingformore husband and wife team, are really good:

This is a topic I find very intriguing and I believe is very important.

I’m a big advocate of mouse-turning and keybinding. I’ve written about it in the past and recommended people use PvP to improve their PvE skills. Also knowing which abilities require you’re facing the opponent is important, you may need to do a jump shot.

I’ve recently bought myself a Razer Naga and Logitech G13 to get to the next level of control, and our thread on alternative keyboards and gaming mice has had over 2000 hits alone. I’ll write a little review once I’m more familiar with the combination. The Naga, I can say already, is really worth it. In fact, any Razer gaming mouse is really worth it, the resolution and quality makes a difference right out of the box, even if you don’t get the mega-button option of the Naga.

So these bloggers’ guide deserves its own post right here, so a shout out to them for the contribution. Links back up the top, go clicky.

I’ve also written a few posts based on Boyd’s theory of observe-orient-decide-act, which he developed as a top US fighter pilot and strategist, and fighter jet designer. He worked out that if you can operate within the decision cycle of your opponent, if you can react faster and if you can disrupt their own OODA-loop, then you gain the upper hand. This applies very well to PvP.

All these factors lead to killing the Lich King or Mimiron back in the day.

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  • You mentioned in your GS13 post rebinding your left and right turn keys so that you don’t ever keyboard turn. Personally I would recomend against this. Primarily because you might want to use the mouse and keyboard strafing combos. Holding down your right mouse button while using movement keys adds a few new tricks for aiming while moving. Also I find more than a few situations where I have some ability I want to click while I am also hitting hot keys or moving. I know some people just keybind EVERYTHING but that does not work for me. esecially on my hunter who is an engineer. There are not enough keys to bind to cover everything I might want to click in combat. And SOMETIMES every now and then I want to use one of those while also moving and/or turning. That requires switching from mouse aim and key abilities to mouse click abilities and key movementĀ all on the fly and then back again.

    Bliz gives us lots of options and I think people should learn them all and keep their options open. Heck sometimes I use key stearing while eating greasy food and travelling some where on a ground mount. You just never know when you might only have one finger clean enough to hit the keys. Also if I am dual-boxing and get my follower account turned around I might want to just aim it a different way and then start auto attacking. That only takes two presses of one finger on my left hand with keys but with a mouse I have to move my mouse hand off my main account and grab the other one. Which also works but what if I want to aim the main while I am doing that? Back to using the turn keys again.

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