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I’ve been really busy this last week or so. Haven’t got as much beta testing done as I’d have liked, but there are only so many hours in the day when I can play the game. Many times, I can write articles or forums posts most easily. I wanted to highlight a few key things.


For over a year and a half, Suno has been maintaining the DK tank thread at Elitist Jerks. He’s done well and I thank him for that effort. I’ll be taking over from Suno for Cataclysm. Once the DK tank mechanics have settled down in beta, I’ll start up that new thread. I don’t want to have a new OP which has several opening pages of speculation, it should have research and facts. Thus we won’t start that new thread until there is a firmness under our feet.

I’ve written a longer post about my philosophy and some of my personal history with EJ, if you want more information.

There’s been a visible absence of patches to DKs pretty much since Alpha. We’ve seen a few tweaks at the edges but after pages of discussion, feedback and suggestions, we’ve yet to see the whites of Blizzard’s eyes; yet to really know whether they believe what’s in beta now is working as intended, or not.


Shazear, best known as the developer of the Rawr tank module but now also maintaining the DPSDK module, has stayed in touch with me for about six months now. We first really connected when I interviewed him about the then-current state of Rawr tank which he’d taken over and was rapidly fixing its mitigation and threat modelling.

Great news is that he’s officially set up a camp here in the forums, so you can talk directly with him about Rawr TankDK for Cataclysm (or live). This is in our Addons and Tools forum, the TankDK and DPSDK threads.

I really like Rawr, and use it for all major gear modelling decisions.


Kahorie’s sim has been a tool I’ve used extensively in the past to calculate threat weightings for stats and to compare tank specs’ threat outputs. I gave Kahorie lots of feedback in the past, which he very kindly implemented, which then formed a part of the tank threat code which we now have today in Kahorie’s sim.

This tool is being rejigged for Cataclysm and Kahorie specifically wants input from tanks on what we’d like to see. He’s started a thread here asking for prioritised feature requests. It’d be great if there were more voices here, so please get involved.


I’ve blogged already about some of the great conversation we’ve having about leadership issues. Today we’ve a new article on the two types of leadership: participative and directive, and their differences written by Kasgrin. I’m going to reply in the morning, he’s framed it really well.

Kasgrin is an officer in the military, so has considerable real-life leadership experience, plus he’s a guild officer and raid leader.

In our leadership forum, we’ve discussed whether guild applicants should be expected to visit the guild website (answer’s yes, but the conversation is really interesting), that helped Khaas write a great blog post on the topic. Our talk on leadership in a time of stress had 30 replies so far and slacking off in raids has been a good read too.

Shop pwnwear to help hosting costs

My costs: On a more personal note, I’ve transferred pwnwear onto a server which is better fit-for-purpose in terms of scale and that’s saving me $70 a month, which takes my monthly cost down to around $90 (it varies with bandwidth consumption). I still don’t have ads here, because I don’t like them much, so I’ve been trying to get sponsorship to cover some of those costs. I don’t mind wearing costs, since I’d pay for some kind of hosting no matter what I did. Sponsors haven’t quite been enough though, so I’ve branched out a bit.

Amazon shop: if you’re going to be buying any stuff that could come from Amazon though, please consider using the two affiliate shops I’ve set up for Amazon UK and Amazon USA. I only get 4% as an advertising fee, but that’s better than nothing if you were going to buy stuff from them anyhow.

Your own web site: I have put up a LiquidWeb affiliate ad in my Garage, where I’ve been publishing phpBB codes for the global WoW geek community, and where I put the article on forum integration with WordPress. LiquidWeb is the host company I use, and they’re unusually good.

If you’re looking for a web host, please read my detailed report on LiquidWeb and consider following the affiliate link before signing up with them, which also pays a commission. Again, to help cover my hosting costs.

Bloggers for Guild Wars 2 & SW:TOR or other games wanted

Lastly, if you are a reader who is thinking of starting a blog about these games, please read my offer to provide hosting services under the pwnwear banner. Warning: it has lots of swearing, it’s in Mankrik’s Pub and I’d been drinking. The offer is serious though.

I figure, it’ll barely cost me anything to extend the pwnwear server over a few blogs, and you get to stay in the community. Obviously, if you’re a frickin noob who I’ve never heard of, you might have some splaining to do.

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