Geek review: Logitech G13 for WoW

This is a review of the Logitech G13 gamepad, which I recently bought to play World of Warcraft. This is an extract, click through to read the whole thing.

The G13 is a USB device. It is recognised as a keyboard by either Windows or Mac. Its configuration software is fully cross-platform.

It has no ghosting. You could press all the keys at once. The G13 was specifically designed to avoid the ghosting problem of normal or gaming keyboards. It has no latency that I can notice, too.

Physically, it’s quite heavy and solid with effective rubber grips on its base which stop slippage. There is a wrist-rest that is ergonomically appropriate.

Unless you already used the N52te or similar, you need to decide how to migrate yourself from a qwerty keyboard to the gamepad.  I knew I was going to have forward/backward/strafe on the joystick, and turn with my mouse (right-mouse button), which meant I could have all my attacks around the centre of the Logitech. That’s the first decision.

I use a lot of shift-key macros in WoW, such as the below, and they work fine on the Logitech G13 too.

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5 comments to Geek review: Logitech G13 for WoW

  • Mysiana

    Out of the gamepads you have featured as your “Gravity’s Picks” on the Amazon site, which do you feel is the best for playing WoW?  I’ve been wanting one for some time, but I have been hesitant on purchasing anything (I got burned on the Wolfking – it was too flat and as a female gamer my hand was just too small to reach a lot of the keys).
    I currently have a Naga mouse which helps me reach some of the right-hand keys, but I would really like to have a gamepad as well because I feel, as a DK tank, I have way more buttons to press than I can reliably reach (and tend to rely on clicking some abilities).

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Here’s some data to help you decide.

      The G13 can work with a smaller hand. When I have my hand resting on the central G-keys of G10-11-12, my thumb’s knuckle is on the joystick’s head. Therefore a smaller hand should be able to reach it. However, even on my mid-sized man hand, I find the furthest-corner buttons slightly awkward, but that said: they’re still closer than the 9 or 0 key on my qwerty, when i had my fingers on ESDF.

      I’ve read of a few people (even in our thread) who moved from the N52te to the G13. The reason quoted is usually wanting more buttons. I’ve also watched a youtube review who commented the G13 is sturdier. But a poster also said he’d tried both and preferred N52te.

      Having not tried the N52te, I can’t say what it’s like, other than repeating I’ve heard many people love theirs, so it must be OK.

      From what I’ve read though, the G13 is superior (more keys, more flexible) and I certainly love mine.

      Because I have a Naga too, I may not need all the extra buttons though. I have put my tanking cooldowns onto the Naga.

  • Mysiana

    I will have to try one out I guess, but everything you said has helped a lot.  Thank you.  And that is exactly what I want to be able to do – put the tanking cooldowns on one set of keys and everything else on the other.
    Thanks again for your help!

  • Boneyarde

    I have been using gamepads like this since vanilla.  I own a G13 and a N52TE.  I honestly think the N52TE is better even tho you have less buttons.  The G13 is too flat and has a wierd feel to it. 

  • Dave

    I have had my G13 for quite a while now, but am not yet using it to its full potential yet.  Are there any of your readers out there that have set this up to work well with a druid, particularly balance or feral PvP?  Maybe updated for Cataclysm?  Thanks!

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