Geek review: LiquidWeb server hosting, fully managed

This article is a review of LiquidWeb as a hosting company, with whom I had a dedicated server for five months, and am now using one of their cloud servers. Today I’m covering how awesome Liquidweb are, detailed proof on how I can say that honestly, why I recommend a fully managed service if you’re not a Linux geek and some advice on CPU issues on shared hosts.

This is a detailed review, based on personal experience, and includes specific examples of the benefits I gained from having a fully managed server, rather than self-managed. I have screenshots of the server management interface.  LiquidWeb also provide shared hosting — which you’d use for a smaller site than pwnwear — so if you’re looking at a website for yourself the information on their foundation services will be helpful. They own their own datacentres, instead of being a co-located host in some else’s facility, which in turn means they do not have outages as a result of other tenants. This helps a shared host equally to a VPS.

I cover these details on their web hosting:

  • Server choices: dedicated, cloud or VPS
  • SLAs and terms of service
  • What it means to have a fully-managed server
  • What this means in the real-world
  • Foundation services
  • Storm on Demand cloud computing
  • Plus, since I also blog, how to minimise your WordPress CPU usage.

Read the full review here.

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