The waiting game for DKs in beta

Death Knights are waiting, and hoping, for some affirmative feedback and changes from Blizzard. This is a little emotional. I wrote a short post about this phenomena in the forums, on player participation in game design, and that our relationship with Blizzard requires they communicate with us. I drew some parallels to a Tale in the Desert (which Tobold is blogging on), Eve Online (whose council required CCP disclose more information on their efforts to reduce lag), and a game I used to play Achaea.

By the way, GC just posted asking for input on which talent trees we like the most. For all classes, all trees, in general forums, not beta-only.

Consider has written a good Q&A on DK mostly from DPS perspective, but with a few good mentions of the tank issues.

Naha’s consolidated thread is still the best place for us. It’s well-organised, and I’ve made sure it covers all the key tanking concerns.

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