My information structure for EJ DK Tank OP

I have posted the below on Elitist Jerks, which is the final version of the information structure I have been sharing for input (page 3).

I’ve worked out what I’d like to put into the new EJ OP for DK tanks, and what I will exclude. I’m happy to take suggestions.
I’ll start the new tank thread when the Beta changes have settled to a point where we can fruitfully write about raid tanking, which should be when we’re close to 3.9 release.

The information structure I plan to use is documented in this mindmap image.

I do not intend to do all the theorycrafting myself, of course. I will maintain a tidy and organised OP. I believe for many EJ visitors, it’s the only part of the thread they read. I’ll rely on the tank community to reach conclusions on topics like the value of mastery stat vs stamina, how to best use Outbreak, and all the other various issues for us to research for Cataclysm. I’ll then editorialise that into the OP.

The map above shows what information I think should be in the EJ OP, based on its focus on endgame raiding.
As you know, I maintain, within which I’ll continue to write off-topic or out-of-scope posts, plus writing for newbie tanks (I like to help new tanks get their head the role).
Where there is a content overlap between EJ and my site, such as endgame raiding, I’ll maintain it in both locations. You will not need to contribute at pwnwear to affect the EJ OP. I had to think about how to manage the information spread between the two communities, because I’ll have responsibilities to both, thus combined it into a single mindmap.

In deciding what I think should be at EJ, I looked at other OPs, such as Unholy DPS, Ele shaman and Resto druid. I don’t intend to match their depth, but do want to have similar content headings.

I’m happy to take input.

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