Preparing for a serious job interview

Got my first interview tomorrow (Tuesday morning in Sydney) for a promotion I’m really keen to win.

I’ve rewritten my resume, spoke to about ten people to learn about this business unit, written up notes from them in a mindmap, reviewed the strategic plans and customer sat reports, looked for patterns, come up with a 50-slide presentation on what I’d do in the first 90 days in the people, strategy and operations processes, plus a few separate slides on why I’m good for the job even though I’m not an operations expert.

Told my current boss I’m applying for this job, and he said he won’t block me. That was a relief.

I’m going to be pretty heartbroken if I don’t get past the first round; this job is an ideal next step for my career, albeit it’s a jump into an operational role (with growth goal) from being a sales manager.

Forgive the inattention to posting at pwnwear, but obviously I’ve got my priorities right on this one.

I’ve relied on six of my favourite management books to prepare, which I’ll list here as affiliate links in case you’re interested. A few dozen other books have influenced me, but these are particularly good. The book Execution is the weakest of them, but I used its simple framework of people/operations/strategy in order to structure my thinking, and completely agree with its contention that execution (getting things done) is one of the most under-diagnosed failing in corporations.

The books Good to Great, First Break all the Rules and Now Discover your Strengths are amongst my all-time most valued management books, because their recommendations are all based on astounding levels of primary research.

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