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I’ll return to normal DK tank bloggin once this interview process is completed, and til then of course our DK tank forums haven’t stopped discussing the latest Blood Cataclysm changes and implicacations.

The job I’m going for is a major upgrade. I feel like I’m doing Ulduar in blues; relying on my experience and skill to win the job, rather than my credentials. Consequently, I’m focused on it, and preparation, and not much else.

I even stuffed up my raid signup for my guild on Thursday night because I’m so single-minded. I thought I’d marked myself unavailable but hadn’t.

One model I thought I’d share with anyone else who’s in services management is below, on productivity. If you pause to think about how your organisation delivers service to its clients, and its interface with the client, you can identify areas which could be improved.

This is a model of how you deliver and create services for your clients. Inputs on the left, the service process itself in the middle, and delivery on the right. The client’s perception of quality is a function of how well your organisation delivers service plus how well you interact with them whilst delivering that service plus your indirect influence on how they deliver services without you.

Many organisations will focus tirelessly on service process items A and less so on B, and even less on C. Also, some neglect the importance of image, and presume the client will just make a fair judgement (but they won’t), so do not adequately manage make the delivery of reports, the polish of presentations or the precision of any organising logistics, for example.

Food for thought. I’ve certainly got this on my mind, as one of many factors, in prep for my interviews.

Model source: Service marketing and management, Gronroos, p245.

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5 comments to Service productivity

  • Uncleblue

    You are putting more work into this than the US President has to get his job.  Good Luck.

  • Rich

    Hey hey.
    Massive fan for awhile now, moreso since I found out you’re not only also Australian but a management geek too.
    And the whole tanking thing too, o’ course.
    If you like Built to Last/Good to Great, you might want to check out the Rockerfeller Habits by Verne Harnish. It’s a well, a bit of a blast actually. Kind of a management system for increasing alignment, feedback and pattern recognition through meeting rhythm (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc). It incorporates a lot of elements from BtL and GtG, as well as other fairly basic stuff such as rocks, etc.
    I think of the concepts of meeting rhythm/alignment in a raid situation (weekly goals, nightly goals, pre-encounter refreshers), as well as KPIs (damage done, spells interrupted), goals (DBW, not standing in fire!).
    And I laugh of course. Who wants to work at home?
    Keep up the good work. (And good luck with the job interview).

  • Zao

    You can and will get the job Gravity.  You put so much effort into it that there’s no way you’ll fail the interview.
    Just stay calm :)

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Thanks all.

    I have to put this much effort in because I need to anticipate that the other candidates will have done similar, plus possibly have more credible people management experience than me (which is my weakness for the role), and for me it’s a promotion whereas some other more senior guys than me might apply for career-portfolio reasons.

  • Threestars of Uldaman

    Totally feel for your application process here… I myself am in a similar place where career advancement will require moving from basically a journeyman level to a management level, and the journeyman positions in my field dont provide opportunities to gain a lot of personnel/finance experience (which is often a requirement for advancement)
    Best of luck! Your communication skills and analytical process will be  very useful in a management position.

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