Hanzo's report on tanking in Cataclysm

From pwnwear member Hanzo reports on tanking, and how to tweak Recount to show absorbs from blood shield.

Thought I would share my opinions on an actual example of tanking a 5-man in the beta, and my general feelings on blood, the abilities, synergies, etc.

I completed a run of The Stonecore this afternoon. This was my first time in, and didn’t know the boss mechanics, lay of the dungeon, or what to expect from trash packs. As such, a pretty good test to see if Blood had the tools to get the job done.

I took advantage of a current bug in beta which does not remove old stats from gear that you reforge, so was able to buff my stats a bit more than normal–was even able to jam a bit of Mastery onto¬†[Shadowmourne]. Regardless, keep this in mind as we go further, since a comparable player on live will not be lucky with inflated greens/blues.

Read the rest of this post from Hanzo, in a top 1000 guild, in his forum post.

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