Heroic Shadowfang keep from Hanzo

Hanzo’s posted a comprehensive set of notes from Heroic Shadowfang keep.┬áHe starts with a list of gear and his DK tank stats, then describes the scenario and experience.

The good news is that I had the luxury of running with all people from my guild, as we had received a guild invite to the beta. We were all able to figure things out via Vent…

Although the lay of the instances is the same, many of the mobs and trash packs have been replaced. There were familiar faces as well as brand new problems to have to deal with. The entry level area, in which you work your way up a flight of stairs towards the jailing area has packs of Frantic Geists, as well as stand alone Ghouls. The Frantic Geists are in groups of 5 and pull together. The Frantic Geists (Level 85) are non-Elite, and have 96862 HP, and hit you for 5-6k. There are single pull mobs as well, Mindless Horrors (Level 86) (same model as what your Unholy Ghoul transforms into), and these have 801k HP, and hit for 24k…

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